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Book Review of Lion King

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The Lion King Review by Edward Nguyen "The Lion King" is one of the greatest creations brought to life by Disney. It was made into a movie in 1994 and the film won two Academy Awards: Best Original Score and Best Original Song ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight"). Besides winning in the same two categories in the Golden Globe Awards, it also won Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy. Later it was made into a picture book for young readers. The story has been perfected in every way. Fantastic and colourful pictures leap out in front of the reader, the well-structured layout of the pictures and text and the inclusion of many morals about life that leaves you nodding with agreement. ...read more.


Simba realises that family and friends are more important than power and succession. He realises that mistakes occur everyday and it is better to fix the problem rather than ignore it. At the beginning of the story, Rafiki the mandrill shaman presents Simba, the newborn cub of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, to a gathering of animals at Pride Rock. Meanwhile, Mufasa's younger brother, Scar, realizes that he is no longer the heir to the throne and plots to kill Simba and Mufasa. Later, Scar lures Simba into a gorge for a surprise from his father while the hyenas engineer a wildebeest stampede down into the gorge where Simba is. ...read more.


The two pair raises Simba in the jungle. Living by the motto "Hakuna Matata", you will get a giggle at their hilarious, fun-filled adventure. This book has been rated as five stars by major publishing houses. It is considered a very good book and it is recommended for young readers. Ideally, the target audience for this book would be ages 5 - 11 although some older children and adults love this book for its storyline and illustrations. This is one of the greatest books of all times. It has a good meaning and a great story plot. It had brilliant pictures that seem to be more alive than the usual pictures in other books. No matter how many times I watch or read the book, I still have a remarkable feeling about it. ...read more.

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