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book review of mice and men

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Camila Mantilla Book review of " Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck Yr 13 George and Lennie spend the night by the Salinas River, south of Soledad. They plan to start working the next day and they keep their dream of a future farm where Lennie can tend rabbits, that's all that Lennie wants, he likes soft things and everything he sees and likes he wants to touch it. George and Lennie sign up to buck barley. Curley tries to fight with Lennie. Candy tells George to be careful with Curleys wife because she's always getting people into trouble. George tells Lennie where to hide if there's trouble and he tells him that anything that happens, no matter what he should go there and wait for him. ...read more.


Lennie crushes Curley's hand. Slim tells Curley to say it was a machine accident. All the man go to town again and everyone but Candy and Lennie go. Lennie decides to go inside crooks room and he starts talking with him, Crooks tells Lennie how difficult his life is and how lonely he feels. After Curleys wife comes and she tells everyone that she knows that what happened to Curley and that it was no machine that she knows Lennie is the machine which crushed Curleys hand. George arrives and Lennie says goodbye to Crooks. All of the men of the ranch play horseshoes, Lennie accidentally kills his puppy in the barn and he kept tending him, but he I sort of a way knew he did something wrong and ...read more.


When all of the men of the ranch find out they tell Curley and Curley goes get his gun in order to kill Lennie because of what he had done, but for that time Lennie was far away, on the place George told him to hide. Carlson goes to get his gun too but it's missing and he thinks that Lennie took it. Candy stays with Curleys wife body while all go after Lennie, but for that time George already ran to find him, George finds Lennie at the river George starts telling Lennie about their dream, since Lennie asked him too,George puts Carlsons gun to the base of Lennie's head and shoots. When they see Lennie everyone thinks George took the gun, they just see him dead and slim tells george to go for a drink with him, that moment will linger in georges mind forever. ...read more.

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