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Book review on stone cold

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BOOK REVIEW ON STONE COLD TITLE: Stone Cold AUTHOR: Robert Swindells DATE STARTED: September 2002 TYPE Of STORY: 17/10/02 Robert Swindells novel 'Stone Cold' was published in 1993. There are two narrators what make the book more interesting than others. You get to know two different points of view and two different opinions. This story is about a boy called Link who ran away from home because of his Mum's boyfriend (Vince). After his parents split up he couldn't bear living in the same house with his mother's new boyfriend who always picked on him and his sister Carole. After he leaves he has a run of bad luck and no choice but to end up on the streets of London. Life is hard, cold and unfriendly, until he meets Ginger. His new friend shows him how to survive, where to go for shelter and where the best begging places are. Then Ginger disappears and Link makes a new friend, Gail. He stops worrying about everything else, but other kids are still vanishing. A guy called Shelter is killing all the homeless people. Will it be Link's turn next? The main characters in the book are discussed below: Link: Link is the main character of the book. Link is a 17-year-old boy who left home because of his mom's boyfriend (Vince). ...read more.


He is actually making an army of 'dead people.' He acts soft from outside that you can't even think of such a guy can commit a murder. He thinks that he is doing a good job by killing homeless people. He thinks he is an intelligent serial killer as he goes on a killing spree without being caught. He is really confident, or should I say over confident about no one catching him. He persuades people on the street (homeless) to come to his house for free food and a warm bed and when they come he kills them. He keeps the 'dead people' army under his floorboard. He buys them shoes and cut their hairs. I dislike this character because of his cruelty to towards homeless people. If u would read this book you will start to make an extremely bad image of shelter in your mind. Gail: Gail is the girl who Link later on falls in love with. She is from Glasgow. She left home because of her stepfather; this was also a common link between them. When Link and Gail met he was making up his mind to stay on his own after Ginger disappeared. But soon she created a place in Link's ongoing life. ...read more.


You can make your own image about it, and that makes the book as well as it is. The author wrote the book in a very gripping manner so it is easy to imagine how Link feels like and what he thinks about. In my point of view the novel is very realistic in its description of the life on the streets. This is no fairy tale. It's a grim depiction of homelessness, and a sharp criticism of our apathy towards it. I think that Stone cold was a thrilling and gripping story and the way that Robert Swindells captured the evilness of shelter was amazing. This teaches us a lesson of how bad it is living on the street homeless with a serial killer looking for you. As you can see Link shouldn't have left home. At least he had his mother to look after and who knows what Vince would've done to Link's mother afterwards. After reading this book I feel very strongly about the rampant problem of broken families, which is perhaps the root cause of homeless people on streets. The message I get is that parents should be responsible for their family. If unfortunately one of the parents betrays his family then the other should sacrifice his or her life for the children. But selfish parents never think of it and then their children rot on the streets...this is what was the story of Link. Name: Umair Tahir Form: 9 DHo ...read more.

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