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Books Are Dead

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Books Are Dead... Books are a slowly dying art, giving way to movies and television. Within a few years of the novel coming out, the Harry Potter series had directors literally fighting over the rights to turn it into a film. Recently Lord of the Rings was converted into a film, the literary classic being reduced to three, 2 hour films which missed out several sequences. The novel, which has been analysed and read by millions world wide has suddenly been made available to audiences of all intellects, from the people who understand and are able to analyse the novel to the people who can barely understand the simplified version on the screen. ...read more.


Technology is difficult to ignore, there isn't much that is pure anymore. Almost everything has a sense of technology in it. Even the evolution of books has incorporated it by the use of Sci-Fi etc. but a book cannot be written by a computer alone, a computer is unable of conveying the mental images and the pure feelings felt by a human being and put in the relatively simple words of a book. Those same mental images and feelings cannot be conveyed fully by a cinema. A movie leaves very little to the imagination, and very little to interpretation. It is the elucidation of the director making the movie and the parts are played as such. ...read more.


A good book makes you happy about the writing; a great book makes you sad it's over. A particular quote sums this up; "Some books are undeservedly forgotten; none are undeservedly remembered." W.H Auden. Movies have taken over books in the public who cannot read a book properly. For those who are educated enough to read and think about a book after are in a special place where there are books everywhere with the power to intoxicate the readers. There will be remakes of books into movies but these will never be as good as the original novel, it just can't possibly have the power of a hardback or paperback. "Never judge a book by its movie." J.W Eagen ...read more.

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