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Borat: Cultural Learnings.. - Film Review

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Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Jagshemash! You like? These are some of Borats favourite phrases. The film Borat: Cultural learning's of America... won many awards despite being called racist. The film was released on the 2nd of November on 2006. The film was very profitable with a profit of $257,349,459. Borat is a character who is played by the actor Sacha Boran Cohen. He has rolls as other characters in other films such as Ali G and BRUNO. The film is basically about the character Borat going to America or as Borat calls it, 'U.S and A'. His friend Azamat organizes everything in New York for him to film a documentary, but as Borat watches Baywatch, he falls in love with one of the characters! ...read more.


There are many positive things about the film. First of all, you are laughing nearly all the way throughout the film. I liked a lot of the film. I find most of the jokes very funny and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it. There are many other scenes which are realistic and the music is relevant and is supported significantly throughout the film. Some of the effects are really cool too. The story is quite believable and sensible. The setting is in America which is the best country in the world according to Borat. Hi five! However, there are some negative things about the film. The film can give the impression of racism. ...read more.


Sacha Boran Cohen has acted as Borat in many other television shows and therefore is experienced in acting like him and speaking like him. People who like funny actors and actors who make jokes which could offend people will probably relate to the character. Ken Davitian plays Azamat in the film. Personally I do not like this character. He is probably the second main character. He is not funny in the film, although, he is not supposed to be. He acts his character well. Overall, the film is extremely funny and is recommended for those who enjoy comedy films. There may be bad aspects of the film, however these are cancelled out by the fact that it is so funny and has won so many awards. ?? ?? ?? ?? English - Borat Film Review 08/05/2007 John Smith 1 ...read more.

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