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Born Free: War Story

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George W. Bush, the President of the United States of America had declared a war against Iraq, the reason being Iraq held monopoly over oil wells. The mission of the U.S. Army was clear cut- kill; annihilate as many Iraqis as possible including the civilians. The Army was here to cause mass destruction. Armand Scott was a strikingly good looking and a slim, well built twenty eight year old man, with fair hair, and a handsome, slender face. He had dark brown eyes that looked like deep pools of mud and a slightly hard, narrow mouth. But now, he was only a man covered with bruises, scars and cuts who lay on the ground of a war torn Baghdad. October 2nd, 2004, Baghdad A cool morning breeze drifted in and the light had turned from a dark blue to mauve and then to an intense red as the Sun slowly ascended in the east. ...read more.


He was on a mission to bomb a military group formed by Muhammad Syedna. This group had been planning to drive the U.S. Army out of Iraq. Armand had found some vigour and pep and moved with a purpose towards this gathering. Duty before self- that was his motto. He approached unobtrusively; cautiously, giving furtive glances lest he be noticed by the enemy. It was 9.00 am, Armand discovered himself at the meeting. The multitude had already reached Rusafa. People came thronging to hear that Muhammad Syedna's inspirational homily. Everyone listened intently and behaved as if they were fanatics. Just then, Armand watched a little child aged three, maybe four. He looked so innocent- as innocent as a lamb. His eyes were sparkling. They were clear, full of mischief. The child looked born free. He was not involved in politics, ethics or whatever. ...read more.


There was only one way out- he decided to kill himself. Only that would free him from the horrible crime he was going to commit. This is what he wrote before shooting himself: In Iraq, I wish to survive and to succeed. Yet as the days pass, the insurgency gets more effective; the faction in the society grows deeper and more violent; the American public becomes more impatient as the war is perceived as less legitimate and the conditions to form a stable Iraqi government become more elusive. So I run along this rope as if in a race to get away. I run knowing full well that my speed comes only at the sacrifice of my balance. I long for the tranquility of normalcy, the comfortable, the understandable. What then can I do besides serve admirably and hope for the best while fearing the worst? So I want to run away from my duty. I sacrifice myself for humanity. ...read more.

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