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Both Examination Day and the Stolen Bacillus have unexpected endings, Show how the authors manage to surprise you

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Both stories have unexpected endings, Show how the authors manage to surprise you At the beginning of these stories everything seems quite normal. In "Examination Day" it's Mr and Mrs Jordan's son's birthday. They were happily celebrating the occasion. In "The Stolen Bacillus" a scientist is talking to a visitor about his experiments. As the writer starts getting into the story we realise from the authors description things aren't all they seem. In "Examination Day" there seems to be a very tense and uneasy atmosphere that has been caused by the talk of the exam. The writer shows that his parents are quite concerned about it because Dickie noticed the, "Moistness of his mother's eyes." This grabs the reader's attention as you wonder why anyone would so anxious and upset over an exam. Other things that gets the reader wondering about what's going on when Dickie's father is sitting in the armchair and he's reading a paper, but the paper isn't an ordinary paper, it's a government paper. This shows the reader that the paper is controlled by the government and they probably only print what they want the citizens to know. This makes the reader wonder why it's not a daily paper and why it's a government paper. ...read more.


The man leaves Dickie alone but before he goes he says to Dickie just say ready when your ready and this is the first time that Dickie has any control what so ever. When Dickie does say he's ready a machine starts asking him questions and that's all we know about the test. When the author writes about the Jordans waiting for the results of their son's exam this really builds the tension to the story as the Jordans are sitting in silence "Not speaking, not even speculating." Because they were afraid to voice their thoughts and opinions. As soon as the phone rings Dickie's mother tries to get to the phone, as she was anxious and desperately wanted to know what had happened. The official voice tells them that Dickie was cleverer than the government regulation. The reader can just sense that this isn't a good thing especially since his mother starts to cry! But when the voice goes on to ask whether they want a private or a government burial this astonishes and saddens the reader. It seems so unreal to give intelligence that is valued in this society the death penalty. In "The Stolen Bacillus" the author paints a pen portrait of the visitor to the bacteriologist laboratory making him seem very strange and sinister. ...read more.


As the visitor realises that he can't get away from the scientist he swallows the "Cholera germ" which is the climax of the whole story. The reader is probably more intrigued here than at any other bit. Once the visitor goes on the reader realises he's not an anarchist he's just a man that wants to be known one way or another. The reader gets confused when the scientist starts to beam instead of being worried or shocked he's beaming. When he starts explaining to his wife that it was actually a "cholera germ" but instead it was Bacterium, which has turned animals blue. The reader realises why the scientist was beaming. To the reader it seems as though the visitor has been saved from a great tragedy that would never have taken place because there was never any "Cholera germ" In both stories the stories were surprising but also totally opposite. "The Stolen Bacillus" was an unusual story but "Examination Day" was a more serious story with a sad ending. As we read "The Stolen Bacillus" we thought that the ending would be tragic but instead it was an anti climax as we realised the scientist was just trying to make himself look a better scientist than he actually was. In "Examination Day" the reader wouldn't have thought the ending would be as tragic as it was. A young boy got punished because he was too clever. The twist in the story was very unexpected. ...read more.

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