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Both Mr Birling From ‘An Inspector Calls’ And Ebeneezer Scrooge From Christmas Carol Are Visited By Outsiders. Compare And Contrast The Two Characters And How They Are Influenced By The Outsiders.

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Both Mr Birling From 'An Inspector Calls' And Ebeneezer Scrooge From Christmas Carol Are Visited By Outsiders. Compare And Contrast The Two Characters And How They Are Influenced By The Outsiders. 'An Inspector Calls' is a play written by J.B Preistly in year 1908. 'An Inspector Calls' and Christmas Carol have a main theme to them, which is about holism and individualism but we see how two similar characters dealing with these issues. The author is showing how wealthy rich business owners deal with social considerations and responsibility also. Charles Dickens writes the Christmas Carol. The play concentrates on responsibility and social considerations and also four outsiders visit the character in Christmas Carol. Mr Birling is the one of the main characters out of six in 'An Inspector Calls.' Mr Birling is a wealthy business owner who we see fails to deal with responsibility and social considerations. In Christmas Carol Ebeneezer Scrooge is main character, he also owns a business. Scrooge also shows how he succeeds to deal with responsibility and social considerations. An outsider called Inspector Goole visits Mr Birling. ...read more.


Christmas day, but in the end he lets him have Christams off but he can not have following day off: " A poor excuse picking a man's pocket every twenty-fifth of December." However Scrooge is moaning to Bob that he pays him for nothing because he doesn't do any work: " You don't think me ill-used when I pay a day's wages for no work." Both of the characters are tight fisted, they are very selfish because they do not let their workers have a pay increase. Both characters do not let their workers wages go up. Mr Birling sacked five ringleaders because of this. One of those ringleaders was Eva Smith, this was one of the first chain of events, which lead to her death. Mr Birling is not responsible because he does not care for his workers or their lives. All he wants is his knighthood: " I might find my way on to the next Honours list. Just knighthood, of course." Mr Birling wants his knighthood because he wants to be important in the town. ...read more.


The outsiders, who visited Scrooge, were stronger then the one outsider which visited Mr Birling. The outsiders that visited Scrooge were more effective then Inspector Goole, the outsider that visited Mr Birling. Dickens puts a message across that people can change if the are irresponsible and do not treat their employees in proper manner or if they do not respect the lower class. Consequently Priestly shows that people cannot change they will stay the same people who follow their ways of responsibility and treat their employees badly with no wage increases. Scrooge changes because he is told his outsiders his past, present and future. The future ghost informs him that he is going to die. He also changes because he is a loner. When he changes his character he start believing in Christmas. Nevertheless Mr Birling does not change because he finds out that the Inspector that visited him was a ghost. Mr Birling goes back to his old ways of responsibility, treatment of employees and social considerations. This is because Priestly shows in his 'play' that the character cannot change. Conversely Dickens shows in his novel that characters can change their ways of beliefs in life like Scrooge. 1 ...read more.

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