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Both Thomas Hardy in 'Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver' and in

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Wider Reading Assignment Both Thomas Hardy in 'Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver' and in "Spiv in Love" are about men and women in relationships. The Arch Deceiver is set in the 1980's as well as Spiv in love. During the 1980's men had all power, control and respect. Men controlled the world and women. In these times women relied on men for survival. But later on in the century women became more independent and worked and could live for themselves without having to lean on the shoulder of a man, due to this they also earned more respect from men. It was also harder for men to win women's hearts, as women didn't feel it was a must to be committed to someone. Women also began to have almost an equal amount of power. This led to women's expectations rising. Tony Kytes seems to fall in love with three different women and cannot help himself. He is looking for commitment and marriage but cannot decide what he is going to do about it. He cannot decide what woman to go for. He has no morals or logic. He is a very sly and cunning young man and a very good liar and knows that he has all the power but is not quite in control of everything. ...read more.


At the end of the story he finally chooses a woman to be with. His first choice turns out to be Hannah. Strangely and unexpectedly he gets rejected. This happened because Hannah's father was there and did not want her to marry him. In those days it was up to the father to decide whether a man marries his daughter or not. It is his choice to who she loves. His influence changed her mind. Next he chooses unity to be his wife. She rejects him straight away as she is too proud to accept second best. Third and finally he chooses Milly who was supposed to be his future wife anyway. Although the other women rejected him deep down they each hoped he would come after them. They were too proud to say yes. Milly was desperate enough to deceive herself that Tony really favoured her. She probably went with Tony because women needed a man to survive in those days and this was an opportunity for her. Obviously all the women wanted commitment and courtship and they all have a positive attitude towards love. Obviously all the women wanted commitment and courtship and they all have a positive attitude towards love. ...read more.


She would also play part tempting him by saying things like "come if you want, I'll be there waiting". After a week Myra says to Spiv "I'm not playing second fiddle" Spiv replies "Second fiddle! Blimey you're lucky to be in the band at all, you are. I'm only seeing you out of sympathy". This is when he crossed the line and went too far. She knew what would hurt him most not a punch nor kick but the rip of his clothes and that is exactly what she did. He screamed "only if I could lay my hands on you". Eunice afterwards found out about Myra and left him but Spiv even after that could not face denting his pride, so he didn't even ask Myra out again. In my opinion the word "spiv" suited the character perfectly. He was a very foolish man and deserved to end up with no one. Tony Kytes and Spiv would have probably been the best of friends but the difference was that Tony was looking for commitment and marriage whilst Spiv was just looking for someone he could show of with. But the major similarity between the two is that they just couldn't choose out of the women in their lives also their way of treating women was very despicable and didn't really care of the consequences. ...read more.

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