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Both Tony Kytes and John Tomas are daring characters that try to manipulate the women around them. Yet in the end both are weaker than the women in each story.

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Both Tony Kytes and John Tomas are daring characters that try to manipulate the women around them. Yet in the end both are weaker than the women in each story. Compare the two male characters and discuss whether or not you agree with this statement. With close reference to the text include your thoughts about the similarities between the two men and their attitudes to women; the differences between the two men like the ways they control their relationships with women, and who is in command; how each man reacts to the incidents at the end of each story; whether or not the women in the stories really do prove to be stronger than the man and how far the actions of the men and women in each story are affected by the time in which they live. ...read more.


In this essay I shall be comparing the two main male characters. In "Tony Kytes-the arch Deceiver" and John Thomas in "Tickets Please". First I'll describe the plot and then I'll describe each main character individually and then compare then compare them to each other and looking for similarities and differences on how they reacted to the incidents. Tony Kytes is the main character in the story "Tomas Hardys story" which was published in 1984; it's a funny story about a man who found himself in a difficult situation with three women that he's going out with at the same time. Tony manages to get engaged to all three of them at the same time, and also managed to get them all on the same cart at the same time with two of them hiding in the back away from each other and from the third women. ...read more.


He was: ". Very serious looking ... unsmiling as if he couldn't laugh... no sign of a whisker or beard..." He seems to have a sense of humour, as he would sing bawdy songs like they were hymns. Whatever he looked like or how he behaved, Tony Kytes was popular with women. He was engaged with Milly at the start, he has engaged with Milly at the start, he has also had a relationship with unity and he still fancies his first girlfriend, so many people would think he's in trouble but instead he thought he could control all three relationships, and he feels the choice is down to him but this isn't what happens. The story "Tickets Please", by D.H. Lawrence is about a man who finds himself in a difficult position of his relationships with women. John Thomas Chris Thompson 11wt ...read more.

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