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Box Office Systems And Procedures

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Box Office Systems And Procedures The main purpose of the box office is to sell tickets and process bookings that have been previously booked. It is the responsibility of the box office to deal with the following; * The sale and bookings of tickets/seats. * Problems associated with the sale of tickets, i.e. exchanging tickets when the customers can't make that particular showing, or to re sell tickets when customers can't attend at all. * Hand out admit slips when customers have lost of forgot their tickets. * Dealing with cash. * Collection of tickets on night of performance. * Mailing out letters informing people about the show and tickets prices, and dealing with any replies. * Dealing with lost property. * Dealing with customers. Due to the college not being a well established venue for shows there isn't a set box office area within the building therefore we originally decided to set up ticket sales within the Greenham Theatre, however staff and students aren't all aware of where it is situated due to it still being known as the hall. Due to this we weren't getting much interest in ticket sales, we then decided it would be a better idea to set up a box office area within the reception area of the college. ...read more.


there be no seats available for the other nights then we will refund the tickets, and resell the tickets in the same way as we originally sold them. Admit Slips Should a customer forget to bring with them or lose their tickets we will ask what their surname is and if it matches the name we have wrote in then we will give them an admit slip. Dealing With Cash When people are purchasing tickets we are only able to accept cash or cheques that are made out to: Macmillan College. Only myself and one of the teachers will have a key for the float. I personally will be responsible of handling the cash, in both receiving the payment and giving the right amount of change should it be necessary. On opening up the box office the float will be retrieved from the accounts office, once used and finished with it will then be returned to the accounts office until it is needed to be used again. Collection Of Tickets On Night Of The Performance On the night of the performance tickets will be asked for as proof of paid admission. Once the usher has received the ticket(s) they will be checked and the stub of the ticket will be ripped off to ensure the tickets have been checked and the customer will be shown to their seat by an other usher. ...read more.


We set this box office up the same as we do the one in college only as part of promoting the show as well we were handing out flyers and had a better chance of discussing the production with potential customers, this seemed to be really successful. So far our box office is running smoothly and working well as we had planned. We have all participated in the interaction with customers and have complied with the set objectives of being friendly, helpful and informative. We have been willing at all times to take on new roles both inside the box office and front of house area, we have also participated in quite a bit of the marketing side of things. We have maintained punctuality, motivation and encouragement amongst each other in working as a team on most aspects of this unit. The original main part of my role within box office was to design and develop ticket designs as well as producing them. The following sheets are my designs for the tickets and the development of them. In developing the designs I had to interact with members of staff more than usual especially on the production side of things, I feel I did this well and maintained enthusiasm with the task at hand. I have also been more than willing to help out in additional areas of the production. ...read more.

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