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Boxed in - Creative writing.

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Boxed in..... by Emily Robinson M5 A floorboard creaked; I rushed behind the coved of a nearby wooden box, my revolver in hand. In my heart I really hoped I would not have to use my gun, which, was one thing that I really I hated doing. The half moon shone brightly through the shattered window, casting the shadow of the box onto the dark bare floor. I shivered nervously in the sharp eerie cold; hairs prickled the back of my neck. I knew that if I moved I would give my hiding place away. I held my breath and waited. The door opened slightly until I could see a chink of light through the hinge; suddenly it opened fully, revealing a large beefy man. I noticed how he carefully trod across the old creaky floorboards of this derelict tower block in which we were. I was still holding my breath knowing that any sound that I made may give my position away. ...read more.


The light illuminated the whole room and was a comfort to me. Slowly I started to search through the draws of the very old chest of draws for any clue as to what Bill was looking for, I found nothing. I glanced around the room for any other clues and my eyes fell to rest on the wooden box that had been my sanctuary. Slowly I walked over to the box. As I reached it I took a minute to take a closer look at it. I hadn't noticed before but the box didn't seem to have an opening. I once again searched the whole box for some sort of secret latch to open it. After a few long minuets I struck upon a secret button, I pressed it and slowly the box lid opened... I heard the footsteps returning, I grabbed my torch and dashed behind the cover of the box and just managed to close the box lid before the door flew open. ...read more.


With that he produced a can of petrol and doused the whole room in it. Alex and I sat, stunned, and too scared to move. Bill gave another evil match and shut the door, locking it behind him. We heard him light a fuse or something some way along the corridor. I panickc xed, we had to escape. The only way out was through the window, but we were five stories up. I knew it would be our only chance to escape in a few seconds the whole room would blow up. I grabbed Alex and told him not to let go of my hand. We ran to the window and jumped, just in time because a second later the room was ablaze. I felt the cold air rush past me. We were falling fast, within seconds we hit the cold hard pavement of the deserted street below. After what seemed like hours I glanced over at Alex, he was unconscious or , dare I think it, dead. I could feel what felt like heavy weights on my eyelids, all I could think about was sleep, sleep, sleep. Then everything went black... , Emily Robinson M5 ...read more.

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