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Boxer's death chapter 9 how does this show the pigs cruelty and ingratitude.

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Boxer's death chapter 9 how does this show the pigs cruelty and ingratitude. Boxer put his heart and soul into the building of the windmill. He even used to work extra hours every day. He would wake up 1hour early to do extra work, and would still carry on doing work after working hours had finished. He was determined to work hard. This can be proven as his motto was 'I will work harder' and 'Napoleon is always right' Boxer had so much faith in comrade Napoleon. He really believed that what he was doing was leading them into having a better life. Boxer didn't realise that he was just being used. Boxer had such a kind heart that he could never look upon anyone as being a bad person, unless he was brainwashed into it. All the animal looked up to boxer. They were all fascinated by his will for life. He was the animals ideal. Everybody really admired Boxer for his determination, as he was nearly always so optimistic. ...read more.


The pigs never intended to let boxer retire and spend his days grazing in the field. But instead they wanted to sell him to the glue factory and turn him into glue. They wanted to earn a profit out of him. The pigs are very selfish, and greedy. The pigs have no respect for anybody expect for themselves. In Chapter 10 how have the pigs gained complete control? The pigs now know that they have control because boxer is gone. Whereas before boxer was much stronger than all the animals including the dogs. So the pigs had to be careful with what they said to boxer. As if they said the wrong thing and got him angry then he could get violent and could very easily kill them. But now boxer was gone, and the pigs had made sure that they got everything they could out of him. The pigs were know interacting allot more than ever with the humans, and doing allot more trading. The pigs were making more and more lie up. ...read more.


Before all decisions used to be made by a vote from all the animals, where as now all decisions were made by the pigs, and the other animals on the farm never had any say in it. This also shows how much control they have over the animals. As the animals were now much to scared to question the pigs. Towards the end of the chapter the animals finally realise that the pigs and dogs are no longer comrades but are the enemies. They realise that they are no longer equal and that they were never actually equal. The pigs even start to socialise when the farmers on the neighbouring farms. The pigs somehow had even managed to manipulate the humans. They start to become good friend with the humans. The humans were the very reason why 'Manor farm' had the rebellion. Now every thing was going back to the way they were in Jones's time, but this time it was going to be even worse. By then it was to late to try and go back to the way thing were just after the rebellion as the pigs have complete control over everything and everyone on the farm. ...read more.

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