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Boy Racer - creative writing.

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BOY RACER He squinted as the morning sun sliced in through the curtains onto his face. He rose and outstretched his arms sighing. He turned to his desk where his clock lay to check the time. Beside his clock was a half-eaten pizza from the night before and a pile of very dirty clothing. He slithered out of his bed and walked over to his desk. He picked up a slice of pizza and carefully examined it. He took a bite, but immediately spat it out because of the horrible taste. He replaced it and walked leisurely to his bed where a pair of jeans and a pullover lay casually on the floor. He took his pajamas off and threw them onto the floor and slipped on his jeans and pullover. ...read more.


Despite the fact that Ben and his mother were very arrogant and stubborn and despite the fact that they were always having arguments they still loved each other a lot. They rarely showed this to each other, but it was quite obvious because they only had each other. Ben's mother got on with her household chores as usual and never once gave a thought to the argument her and Ben had had earlier on in the day. Because Ben's mother is quite a strong-minded person she usually likes to express her feelings clearly. This is why her husband left her. She is also a very particular person and everything has to be in its place. Later on that day Ben's mother went out to the bank to collect her child support money. ...read more.


"Thank you." She turned and ran down the corridor. "Ben, what have you done to yourself?" "It's...nothing?" "What do you mean it's nothing? Look at yourself, you're cut from head to toe." "If you're...ahh...going to have a go at me, then you can just leave." "This is the worst ever. I mean you've had small accidents but nothing like this. You're going to do yourself some real damage if you keep on acting like this." "Just...leave me alone." "You know what, I will leave you alone. I don't know why I bother with you. I don't wanna say this, but one of these days you're going to kill yourself and from that day on I won't have to worry about you ever again." "Shut the door on your way out." The ward grew silent as the commotion died down. ...read more.

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