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Brave New World Essay

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Amy Lau 12th May 2007 10L Brave New World Persuasive Speech Ladies and Gentlemen, close your eyes and place yourself in a place where technology and machinery beyond your wildest dreams are in your very possession. Imagine a world where no conflict and wars take place; everyone is happy. Imagine yourself living in a haven where everything to suit your needs are available whenever you wish. Imagine yourself in Brave New World... Uniqueness will greet you at the very gates of our society. A completely different and better world compared to your present world. 'How and why?' you ask. Everyone is happy in Brave New World; everyone is satisfied. ...read more.


Would you want to stay healthy and in shape as the years pass by? The citizens of Brave New World will have an artificially balanced equilibrium, transfusions of young blood and of course, the prevention of diseases with state of the art technology. The fear of sickness will be washed away. Challenges await you at every corner. In our society, citizens are free to indulge themselves in challenging games of Obstacle Golf, Escalator-Squash and many other activities. Equipped with machines and the latest technology, these activities will never cease to interest you. In Brave New World, there is no worry or fear of bad drugs. Soma is a beneficial drug that causes no harm to the body whatsoever. ...read more.


This process is not necessary in our world. With the discovery of Bokanovsky's Process, ninety-six identical twins can be made with just a single female egg cell. The world population can be easily stabilized and controlled with the founding of this magnificent process. There will be no heartbreak of losing a member of the family with Bokanovsky's Process. Citizens are granted carefree lifestyles at the very beginning of their creation; no worries whatsoever. Under the rule of Ford, Brave New World is a unique world where everyone has their own purpose, no one will feel excluded. Everyone benefits from everyone, and everyone belongs to everyone. A worry-free world where everything you need will be provided for you. Everything you do will contribute to society and society will contribute to you. No other world can compare to this haven... ...read more.

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