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Britain isnt tough when considering whether to let asylum seekers stay here- far too many get in. In this essay I am going to answer the statement shown above and show both sides of the argument

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"Britain isn't tough when considering whether to let asylum seekers stay here- far too many get in." In this essay I am going to answer the statement shown above and show both sides of the argument. An asylum seeker is someone who leaves his/her country and goes out to look for a safe place to live. A refugee on the other hand, is a person who runs away from his/her country because he/she is afraid of something. Why do they exactly leave? Refugees and asylum seekers may leave their countries because there might be war, fear of their safety, protection and persecution- discrimination of race, gender, religion or political opinion. There is no particular place as to where asylum seekers come from, however in 2002, the top five countries are said to have been, Iraq (14,940), Zimbabwe (7,695), Afghanistan (7,380), Somalia (6,680) and China (3, 735). Those figures are always changing due to adjustments in economical and political complications. Asylum seekers may leave their own country for a variety reasons, for example, they may be experiencing war, their human rights are not being respected and there are several other reasons. Some countries are so harsh such that some people can be arrested, sent to prison or occasionally tortured just because of their religious/ political beliefs. If the situation in a country changes for the better, then as a result, there are often less asylum seekers form that country. The number of people applying for asylum in the UK has been rapidly decreasing over the recent years. ...read more.


A law abiding citizen is someone who always follows the law and never breaks it. If asylum seekers were to break the law or commit a crime etc, they would be put in detention and most likely deported. This is the main reason why asylum seekers are classed as law- abiding because if they did anything wrong they would be scared of being deported. This shows that there is no reason as to why asylum seekers shouldn't be allowed to stay in the UK because most of them would do the right things. Another reason is that they make a huge contribution to the British economy and culture. Some of them are highly educated and therefore have good jobs- doctor, dentist, engineer etc and those that aren't well educated, start their own businesses where a lot of money is earned. About 1,200 medically qualified refugees/ asylum seekers are recorded on the British Medical Associations database. Those who come to the UK well educated would have done a lot of hard work in their country. Asylum seekers are people who are just looking for a safe place to stay but many people look at them in the wrong way. Just because they may have had to flee from another country to the UK, doesn't at all mean they carry deadly diseases or are people who looking for trouble which mean they shouldn't be allowed to stay in the UK. This isn't a good way for people to look at asylum seekers in and I personally find it unfair and disrespectful. ...read more.


This wouldn't be good at all, but would probably have an influence on youngsters- they may see it as a cool/ grown up thing to do and start doing it themselves. This might increase the amount of crimes in our communities. Nevertheless, not all asylum seekers are like this! The reasons I've shown above, all go to show and prove that asylum seekers shouldn't be allowed to stay in the UK- most of them cause chaos, trouble and stress. No one should have to suffer their problems and so the easiest way to prevent this, is to simply not allow asylum seekers to stay in the UK. Overall, I personally come to conclude that asylum seekers should be allowed to stay in the UK. I've looked into both sides of the argument and find that not allowing them to stay in the UK is just horrible. Asylum seekers are just the same as anyone else and therefore should be allowed to stay wherever they want, without being forced away or badly judged by others. I think by not allowing them asylum seekers to stay in the UK is totally disrespecting their human rights because there isn't a specific place where only asylum seekers should stay- they should be able to stay wherever they can get help. If asylum seekers stay in the UK, it allows them and others to mix with a range of other people from different groups. I think some people should start to appreciate the fact that we are all different and therefore come from different backgrounds which should be respected. If everyone had the same background, our world would be very boring. ...read more.

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