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Brutus and Mark Anthony

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Coursework Brutus- Brutus has to go out and explain to an angry roman crowd as to why he killed Ceaser and to why he conspired against him. He has to win them over and possibly take over Ceasers place. He is trying to win the crowds support for his cause, "hear me for my cause". He wants to free his people from Ceasers tight grip, and hopefully take his place. The difficulties that he faces are that the crowd are for Ceaser at first, and are angry that people have conspired against him and killed him, and demand answers. "We will be satisfied: let us be satisfied". Brutus starts off by addressing the crowd with the line, "Romans, Countrymen and lovers!" he puts himself on their level by relating with them. ...read more.


Mark Antony- Brutus has just exited the stage having wont he audience over, having tipped the balance from Ceaser to himself. He has asked the audience to listen to Mark Antony and the (reluctantly) agree. The problem he now faces is that the audience is pro-Brutus and anti-Ceaser. His aims are to avenge Ceasers killing by turning the audience back against Brutus, but he can't do it by singing Ceasers praises (yet) because the people won't have it. He has to slowly ease them into it he has to slowly ease them into it, and he uses a few methods to do this. Firstly, he tells the audience that "he came to bury Ceaser, not to praise him", because he knows that the people didn't like Ceaser. ...read more.


He has been being unfriendly to her and she wants to help him. She has to get past his worries and lack of wanting to tell her and at first she pleads to his side that feels sorry for her because he's been being unfriendly "you star'd upon me with ungentle looks". Then she pleads to him on the basis of their marriage vows, and on the fact that she is an honourable woman and she says that she can take whatever secret he has. (Which proved very wrong) finally, she tells him that if she has given him a "voluntary wound", and tells him that if she can take that, she can take his secrets. By now the audience is totally with her as she is seen a devoted wife (if not a little nuts) The wound would make a good impact on stage her language is based on emotional feelings. ...read more.

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