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Brutus: Just an illusion?

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.3Aziz Khabirpour Ms. Martin English 10 Dec. 7, 2001 Brutus: Just an illusion? Noble, selfless, a patriot! These are the qualities that come to ones mind when hearing the name Brutus. The personas distinguished qualities are unquestionable, but would Brutus last if he were not a created character in a script but a person in a real life scenario, or is he not genuine enough to survive? 'The end justifies the means', is what Niccolo Machiavelli once said. Brutus is unquestionably the most patriotic character in the play, but the end definitely doesn't justify his means! His patriotism exceeds into a form of nationalism. He kills a friend for the benefit of Rome; however the love for ones country will never justify the murder of anyone's beloved and trusted companion. ...read more.


The public would do this since they are completely corrupted by society. But were the Romans not corrupted, or is it just that they didn't have a choice and Shakespeare made them act the way they did! Not only the Plebeians are na�ve. Brutus would probably qualify as the most na�ve from them all. He has little mind of his own. He is created with a heart that doesn't doubt. "No, not an oath! If not the face of men, the sufferance of our souls, the time's abuse- if these be motives weak, break off betimes, and very man hence to his idle bed; so let high-sighted tyranny range on, till each man drop by lottery." (2.1.111) He will believe anything if it is said in favor of Rome. ...read more.


So what is it that makes the people see a tyrant in Brutus? He is anything but a tyrant! Brutus is a well-developed character. However as it was clearly stated, he does not work out in real life. His human qualities are too pure to work out in society. The reasons to his actions are that Shakespeare wanted him to be the way he was, and nothing else. The character really didn't have a great choice. The persona can in a way be compared to communism; the concept of everybody being completely equal. However human qualities such as greed and ignorance make it hard for the concept to work out, it is a great concept... but only in theory, just like Brutus. 1 1 Page ...read more.

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