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Bullet points on To Kill A Mockingbird.

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CHAPTER 1: * Description of Simon Finch * Description of Atticus' job * Description of Maycomb County * Description of Calpurnia * Introduction and description of Dill * Description of the Radley place * Jem describes Boo Radley * Jem touches the Radley Place CHAPTER 2: * Scout's first day at school * Description of Miss Caroline * Atticus told no to teach Scout * Description of Walter Cunningham and his family * Scout gets 'six taps on her hand' CHAPTER 3: * Scout catches Walter Cunningham * Walter goes to their house for tea * Introduction and description of Burris Ewell * Argument between Little Chuck, Miss Caroline and Burris Ewell * Atticus tells Scout he difference between them and the Ewells CHAPTER 4: * Scout finds chewing gum in the tree * Scout and Jem find old polished pennies * Dill arrives again at summer * Scout ends up in the Radley yard of the tyre game CHAPTER 5: * Description of Miss Maudie Atkinson * Scout talks to Miss Maudie about Boo Radley * Children to give a note to Boo Radley * Children caught in there game CHAPTER 6: * Description of Mr Avery * Children going to look at Boo ...read more.


nights events * Maycomb county members pass the children * Description of Dolphus Raymond * Children go to court * Description of Judge Taylor * Mr Heck Tate on the witness stand CHAPTER 17: * Description of Mr Gilmer * Mr Gilmer questions Heck Tate * Heck Tate describes Mayella Ewells injuries * Atticus questions Heck Tate * Mr Bob Ewell called to the stand * Description of Ewells life and house * Mr Gilmer questions Bob, he is rude and is told to cut it out * Atticus questions Bob and asks him to write his name to show what his best hand is CHAPTER 18: * Mayella is called to the stand * Mr Gilmer questions Mayella * Mayella cries and says she doesn't want to be hassled like her father * Atticus questions Mayella * Mayella thinks Atticus is taking the mickey out of her * Description of Tom's appearance * Mayella declares that Tom raped her * Break in court CHAPTER 19: * Tom is called to the stand * Atticus questions Tom * Tom gives a description of his events in the Ewell household * Mr Link Deas stands up and sticks up for Tom * Mr Gilmer questions Tom * ...read more.


falls asleep * Scout forgets her shoes * Jem thinks he hears somebody following them * Jem and Scout think it's Cecil * Scout falls to the ground and looses Jem. She kicks somebody * A msn takes Jem home * Atticus asks Heck to go and look in the woods to see if the person is still there * Heck finds Bob dead CHAPTER 29: * Atticus unsure about Bob's death * Scout tells Heck and Atticus what happened * Atticus and Heck argue * Scout points to Boo Radley * Description of Boo * Scout says 'hey' to Boo CHAPTER 30: * Atticus tells Heck to go to the porch * Scout and Boo sit next to each other * Atticus thinks Jem killed Bob * Heck and Atticus argue * Heck says Bob stumbled and killed himself * Atticus thanks Boo for his children's life CHAPTER 31: * Boo says night to Jem * Scout realises Boo wants to go home * Scout thinks about how many times Dill wanted to get Boo out * Scout walks up to the Radley house and drops Boo off * Scout talks about what she has learnt * Scout falls asleep on Atticus in Jems room ...read more.

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