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Bullying diary.

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Bullying diary Entry 1 Date: 03/09/1998 1^st day at new school I am so excited because it is my first day at an English school. I wonder how different it is to a German school? I wonder what the food and the people will be like. All the English tourists that have come to Germany have been kind and friendly. I have made a friend his name is Josh from next door and he goes to the new school. I should be okay now I know one person. The house I have moved into is in Kensington and is really nice. It is a five bed roomed house, whereas before I only used to have a three bed roomed apartment. It has a separate dining room. Before I just used to eat in front of the telly. The area is nice but is very busy, because it is in central London. Sometimes I think to myself, why am I here in England? Then I remember that mum fell in love with an English businessman and he got a promotion to London. ...read more.


But I think my mum noticed something because the other day she asked me how was Josh and said that he hadn't come round to play and I said he was all right. I told her that I haven't really chatted to him much and then she asked why and I said it's just been hard to talk because I was busy making friend. Then she said she was going to speak to his mum. But even if she does speak to his mum I doubt Josh will admit that he and his friends are now bullying me. 13/07/1998 My mum said that I had to go back to school because I can't miss too many days off of school because I will have loads of work to catch up on and as I am new I should be in as I don't know as much. I love staying at home I get treated like a prince. Anything I want I get and my step dad keeps bringing me loads of games. But I don't want to go back to school because then that would mean going to school and facing the bullies. ...read more.


I wish my mum never met him. My mum didn't even stick up for me. She just stood there and watched and just shook her head. she just betrayed her real family. 17/07/03 My mum took me to Josh's house to speak to him and his mum and him. When I went there he said he was sorry and that he thought I was cool being German and different and he doesn't care what other people thinks and he would want to be friends if I still want to. I said yes and we went back to school and every one was being nice and all Josh's friends started asking me swear words in German. But I still had to say sorry to my step dad and he said sorry for calling me a wimp because I'm not one and bought me the newest game out I was so happy. I like school now and I am no hanging round with loads of different people and still go in the caf´┐Ż to see Jim and chat to him. I am now getting on well with my step dad and mum and know have loads of computer games and everything I have wanted and now Josh is my best friend. ...read more.

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