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Burns' Dream

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Owen Taylor Q12 25th December 2008 Write another Journey for Burns (pg. 37) capturing form, structure and language of the novel and building on Barkers presentation of fear As the clich�d April showers flung themselves down upon the Scottish countryside, Burns watched densely out into the nothingness. It seemed every person negatively affected by the War was condensed into the patients' common room and it was eating him alive. The monotonous talk of War, War and more War was going to drive him mad. He knew he had to get out. He gathered his coat, went downstairs; passing the surprised looking nurse, and left the Building. Whilst battling against the rain that was pelting into him, Burns was filled with a sense of excitement. There were copious possibilities for him to take. ...read more.


He had left at just before eleven. Burns had decided that he would watch the matinee performance that was showing at three, so decided to walk around the city. Burns took a left and found himself on George Street. The street was heaving despite the grim weather. Mothers doing the weekly shop with their children firmly clutching their hand, businessmen working at the bank rushing around in a hurry to close the next business deal. In fact, Burns was the only person with no need to be there. Overcome by the ferociousness of the street, Burns entered into an empty looking teashop. He was offered a seat by a window, but by this point was a little sick of looking out into the abyss and so took a table by a large painting of King George II. ...read more.


He decided to take a quick detour through Princes Street Garden. The garden was empty. It had the abundances of the surrounding countryside of Craiglockhart, but Burns found it a lot less depressing. He could see the castle emerging from the trees and found it very uplifting. The way that out of this bleak looking city there could be something so beautiful at the centre of it. He decided to sit down on a soak-ridden bench but Burns didn't mind, he was overcome by the callousness of the castle. After one look at his watch Burns decided to leave the bench and venture to the theatre He arrived in good time and got a seat four rows from the front giving him plenty of opportunity to take in the whole play. ...read more.

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