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Business Culture.

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Business Culture Business culture is the overall running of the company there are many types of business culture and the type of business culture resembles the type of management. There are four main types of business culture, they are: Power Culture This is the centralisation of power. This type of culture is usually found in small organisations where control rests with a single individual or a small group of people. The company spreads out from the single central figure. The advantage to this type of structure is that decisions can be made very quickly; this makes the company very versatile. A disadvantage to this type of structure is that it is very autocratic and the employees may not get a lot of autonomy this may result in a bad atmosphere within the company. ...read more.


This is where employees to work in teams to complete a task, this type of culture fits in well with a democratic style of management. The company gives the employees a lot more respect under this type of culture, which helps motivate them, another motivator is that this style of culture allows the employees a lot of autonomy. Employees are encouraged to take on more of a challenge task. The employee's views are often listened to and taken into account, to help achieve the best overall output. With this type of culture the employees would need training to be given a more influential role in the company, this may cost the company money, which may not prove beneficial. ...read more.


This type of culture fits in with the company structure, the departments are separated and employees are given control of each department, each department is split up into a hierarchical structure the higher up in the department the employee is the more decisions the employee can make. This makes each department responsible for their mistakes, this means that a lot of trust is given to each department, if one fails to deliver this could affect the whole company. This style of culture can be beneficial to the company, each department is controlled and this speeds up the communication, there is less chance of a break down in information because there is one leader who makes sure there is constant communication between the rest of the company and the customers. ...read more.

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