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By referring closely to one text, show how setting affects both character and action - 'Sunset song'.

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'Sunset Song' In many novels and short stories the setting (in terms of place, time, social/political conditions, etcetera) is a significant factor, shaping the main character(s) and determining his/her/their actions. By referring closely to one text, show how setting affects both character and action. In your answer, you must refer closely to the text and to at least to of: setting, plot, theme, characterisation... A novel in which the setting is a significant factor, shaping the main character and determining his/her factors is 'Sunset Song' by Lewis Grassic Gibbon. The main character in the novel is Chris Guthrie. The novel is set in the North East of Scotland between Stonehaven and Laurencekirk in a fictionous place, Kinraddie, between 1911 and 1919. To begin with the story is set in a croft in Cairndhu but when the Guthrie family are unable to get another lease on Cairndhu they move to Blawearie. "Sunset Song" shows Chris Guthrie's growing up from a teenager to a middle aged woman. Throughout this part of Chris's life she went through a lot, first of all her mother died. ...read more.


These stones are everlasting so they resemble something stable in her life. They are very important for the structure of the novel as they are chosen for a memorial to the dead. Chris was able to go to the Standing Stones as somewhere to relax: "Neck and shoulders and hips and knees she relaxed." The use of assonance here shows that Chris is tired and she is going to relax. This quotation was taken from when Chris went to the Standing Stones because her mother had poisoned herself and the twins. Another of the key features which shapes Chris and determines her actions is the land. During the novel there are references made to two Chris's: the Scottish Chris and the English Chris. The "Scottish Chris" had a love for the land; this was like Jean Guthrie, her mother. The "English Chris" liked school and education and had a dream to be a Teacher when she was older; this was Chris's father, John Guthrie. I think Chris had mixed feelings about education and nature. "Oh, Chris, my lass, there are better things than your books or studies or loving or bedding, there's the countryside your own, you its, in the days when you're neither bairn nor women." ...read more.


"as though she saw a caged beast peep from her fathers eyes" Another time, John Guthrie bought an old machine to cut the corn and his son, Will, told him he would be laughed at for using it but father laughed at him "like a spitting cat." I think Chris must have been frightened of her father if she saw him like a beast and this also shaped her actions when she was around her home because beasts are frightening creatures. Ewan Tavendale was Chris's first husband, he was caring but to begin with he was a little bit shy and got embarrassed easily. "He was blushing himself again." "And then Ewan had crossed the pavement and was standing in front of her, he lifted his cap and said, shy-like, 'Hello!' Chris said 'Hello,' and they looked at each other, he was blushing." This was one of the first times Chris and Ewan spoke to each other so Ewan was a little embarrassed. To conclude, I think the setting has a large impact on Chris because she has mixed feelings about the land and her education. In the end she is forced to give up her education, by one of the Mistresses, when her father died and look after Blawearie. English ...read more.

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