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By referring closely to the text demonstrate how Norris has made the poem “The Ballad of Billy Rose” particularly vivid

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By referring closely to the text demonstrate how Norris has made the poem "The Ballad of Billy Rose" particularly vivid The Ballad of Billy Rose "The Ballad of Billy Rose" by Leslie Norris is a thought-provoking poem where the poet reminisces about a particular incident in his childhood. Throughout the poem the poet employs a variety of poetic techniques to enhance the imagery such as rhyme, enjambement, figurative language and alliteration. The poem "The Ballad of Billy Rose" begins with the author, Leslie Norris, walking to a football match. On his way there the poet catches sight of a man begging for money and instantly identifies the man as a boxer he once witnesses being blinded during a 'bout'. Thereafter the poet describes the night in which the man was blinded and expresses his deep feeling of guilt about the man's blindness One particularly vivid technique employed by the poet is the use of imagery. ...read more.


The comparison is made between Rose and a stone to draw attention to his features and make the reader aware that the crowd, who are compared with a flood, separate around him the way a stream would against a stone. The use of metaphors gives the reader a particularly vivid picture in their mind and helps to bring the poem to life. Another poetic technique that is used by Norris to enhance the imagery of the poem is the use of alliteration. He often uses it to describe a setting, like the evening he was going to the boxing match: "sawdust summer night." The protracted sound of the letter 's' gives the reader an image of a really hot night. The 's' sound is also serpent like and by referring to the bible the presence of a serpent means that undesirable events will take place. ...read more.


The third round, I believe. And I was filled With the old excitement which had thrilled Me so completely when, while growing up." It is clear from this that the lines of this stanza run onto each other. Moreover the poet has used the a b b a rhyme scheme, which is when the first and last line of each stanza rhyme as do the middle two lines, to compliment the technique of enjambement and compel the reader to read on. The author uses both these techniques in combination with rhyme to good effect and like the other techniques enhance the drama and realism. It is my opinion that the varied assortment of poetic techniques used by Norris totally absorbs the reader and in so doing encourages them to become involved in the poem. Having evaluated the poem I believe that the main reason that Leslie Norris wrote this poem was because of the overwhelming guilt he felt due to the injures of Billy Rose. Gary Bannerman 3P2 ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 1 ...read more.

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