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cadbury dairy milk and milk tray

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Cadbury's "Dairy Milk" and "Milk Tray" adverts: effective or patronizing? In this essay I shall be discussing two Cadbury's adverts, the current (2007) Dairy Milk advert and the 1980's Milk Tray advert. I shall be looking at whether these adverts are effective or patronizing. The Cadbury's "Dairy Milk" advert is about a drum playing gorilla playing to the Phil Collins song "In the Air Tonight". The gorilla portrayed is a masculine figure - we can see this by the strength portrayed in his muscles as he plays the drums. Cadburys chose the gorilla image for their advert because they felt it would leave people talking about the particular advert, thus extending their advertising market beyond viewers only. The advert is interesting and amusing thus luring people into watching the advert for longer amounts of time. Often viewers, after watching an advert a few times, will use advert breaks as an opportunity to go out and make a cup of tea - to test the validity of this statement, notice how adverts are usually louder than the programme, this is so that the viewer is still influenced by the advert despite not being in the same room as the television. ...read more.


Milk Tray, then they were worthy of a lot of effort on the part of the one who bought it for them. They were highly valued and loved. This is because in the advert, the man is proving the woman worth fighting for as he will go through any trials to get his chocolate delivered and "all because the lady loves Milk Tray". There is repetition in this saying: "because" and "loves" sort of rhymes and repetition is a subtle way to get adverts stuck in our heads. People in the 2000's may think this advert is patronizing because it is sexist because it is a man not a woman doing all the dangerous tasks to get the Milk Tray for a woman who is receiving the chocolate. However, the gorilla advert suggests strong masculinity too but in a more subtle way. These two adverts link because of the way they are portrayed. The gorilla advert is an unusual advert and so is the Milk Tray advert. Both adverts try to urge you into buying the chocolate to impress whoever you are getting it for, as well as enjoying and talking about it afterwards. ...read more.


Additionally, we need to consider the success and effectiveness of these adverts in two ways. Firstly from the point of view of sales figures (this shows the company how effective the advert was) and in terms of whether we remember the advert or the advert and the product. In terms of the advert for Milk Tray, sales figures soared and people remembered what the advert was for due to the repetitious slogan "and all because the lady loves Milk Tray". The gorilla advert seems effective as the sales figures show, that while before the advert went out, this product was the most popular of the Cadbury chocolates but the sales figures were going down, yet since the advert went out the sales have gone up by 8%. To conclude, if we are to decide whether the adverts are patronizing or not, it seems to me that some people will feel patronized while others will feel entertained. Overall, due to sales figures and internet hits, I would suggest that the adverts have both been effective but whether they are patronizing or not is a matter of personal opinion. Word Count: 1227 ...read more.

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