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'Call yourself a mate'

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Connor witherington 10 t 'Call yourself a mate' Have you ever had that feeling that you are being followed? But you turn around and there's no one there. Sadly this wasn't the case for me! It was late evening, muggy, dull, dim, light and an eerie quiet atmosphere. We'd had a football match that night which I'd forgotten about until my manager phoned me up to check I was playing and to arrange to give me a lift as my mum was still at work. I played quite well, considering I was tired and hadn't been prepared to play. The kick off was at 5:45 so by the time I'd finished and warmed down it was around quarter past 8. I don't really enjoy walking home in the winter as my route is through deep woodlands. All my friends made fun of me and called me a right puffter, so I was eager to prove them wrong and set off at a brisk pace. ...read more.


Scared a little, embarrassed a lot, I'd prove Steve and my laughing team mate's wrong, so I decided to jog all the way and get home before it was pitch black. Getting home more quickly would also give me the chance to brag about being a great runner - I would be the one laughing this time ha, ha, ha! I crossed the first field wet and muddy still feeling rather uneasy but happier for knowing if I kept jogging I'd only got around 10 minutes until I was home. Isn't it funny who becomes your friend when it's dark and you're on your own? The herd of cows that had gathered at the exit of the field had just become my best friends they were company at the least, I'd now reached the lane, which didn't make me feel any better as it 'was darker than the field. The overhanging trees cast huge shadows and seemed to want to reach out and grab me. ...read more.


I wasn't alone anymore or was I? I came to the end of the lane where it joined a main road - my main road; my house was now only a matter of 200 metres away, lights, people, cars SANCTUARY. and it was a t junction I recognised it sort of but not completely because of the poor light, the dog was extremely well behaved I decided to call him Goldie because he had a golden coat. I Started to sprint as the fast as I could, but as I speeded up the steps were did and seemed to get closer, I daren't turn around. I could see it! My house MY HOUSE thank god I ran and leaped over my gate, the dog followed. I was just had about to shut my door and then I heard Steve's voice bellow 'I enjoyed the run see ya tomorrow!' When I see him tomorrow I'm gunna kill him! I now had a new dog, I decided to call him Goldie as he had a golden coloured coat, I managed to convince my mum to keep him after extreme begging. "Goldie was a real mate, unlike Steve" The end ...read more.

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