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Callum and Sephy's Emotional Journey

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Callum and Sephy's Emotional Journey By Soumya 9NA This book 'Noughts and Crosses' originally written by Malorie Blackman is about two people - Callum and Sephy- who are from opposite sides of society but are madly in LOVE. A play was derived from the book by Dominic Cooke and was performed by the Royal Shakespeare company in civic, Stratford-upon-Avon on the 29th of November 2007. In the book there are two sides of society, the Noughts and the Crosses. The noughts are the white people and the Crosses are the black People. This is very different form our current society as today all the White (Nought) people have the power whereas in the book the Black (Cross) people have all the power. Sephy, whose full name is Persephone Hadley, is a cross and is extremely rich because he father is the Deputy Prime Minister. Callum on the other hand is a nought and is extremely poor because only his father works. In their world, White noughts and Black crosses simply don't mix- and they certainly don't fall in love. But that is exactly what they have done. Callum's mother used to work for Sephy's mum, that's how they met each other, while Callum's mum was working he was allowed to play with Sephy in the Hadley's huge rose garden. His mum was the Housekeeper/nanny for the Hadley household and was really good friends with Sephy's mum but one day out of the blue she was fired and ever since theMcGregors have been having money problems. There are many characters in this book; there is the Hadley's (Sephy's Family) which consists of Kamal Hadley (Dad), Jasmine Hadley (Mum) and Minerva Hadley (Sister). There is also the McGregor's (Callum's Family) which consists of Ryan McGregor (Dad), Meggie McGregor (Mum), Jude McGregor (Older brother) and Lynette McGregor (Older Sister). The McGregor's are probably closer to each other than the Hadley's because Kamal is divorcing Jasmine and marrying his girlfriend, Grace. ...read more.


He rushes over to her and drags her out of the mall, she's delighted to see him and they keep running, he knows they mustn't stop because the bomb will go off any second. BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! He's very proud of himself that he got her out but he can't help wondering what happened to her mother. Sephy on the other hand is completely shocked at what just happened and is so grateful to Callum when she realizes she hasn't seen her mother anywhere. Then everything starts going downhill for the both of them. As Callum's Father and brother are kicked out of the house and Callum's father admits to have planted the bomb to save Jude (brother) even though he planted the bomb. His father is allowed to get a lawyer, Callum and his mother search feverishly for a good lawyer with a small pay but all the lawyers the find are really bad, when suddenly the best lawyer in the country- Kelani Adams says she'll take Ryan's (father) case and everything has been payed for. Callum thinks that is was Sephy but it was actually Jasmine Hadley. But even so, Ryan is sentenced to be hanged for Political Terrorism and seven accounts of murder and Jasmine (Sephy's Mother) makes her attend the hanging at Hewmett Prison. Callum is naturally there because it may be the last few minutes he ever gets to spend with his dad and seeing Sephy there is like a punch in his gut because he thought she would find these things revolting and misleading about noughts but obviously he was wrong as here she comes in the same dress which she wore to Lynette's Funeral. Sephy on the other hand is absolutely appalled at being in the prison and tries to send Callum a thought telling him that she really didn't want to come and she was forced to by her mother because it was apparently their duty to watch a being hanged. ...read more.


They enjoy like the secret meeting like it was the old times before Sephy went to Chiver's and Callum joined the Liberation Militia when suddenly they are surrounded by policemen and Callum is arrested for rape. Kamal decides that it is time to put the two of them in a situation where eh is sure he will win but his plan doesn't exactly work. He gives them the choice that either Sephy has an ABORTION or Callum is to HANG for kidnapping and rape. Callum decides that he would rather have his baby live in the world with Sephy. The days in the prison pass quickly and he soon becomes friends with a nought guard called Jack. They play poker and rummy together and they understand each other. However no one is allowed to visit Callum and he isn't allowed a lawyer meaning he will definitely hang on matter what. The day of the hanging, a hood is put over his head so the audience can't see the face of the victim during the hanging. Sephy and Callum yell and say how much they love each other. Then the trapdoor gives and Callum's body is lifeless. The very last scene is of Sephy holding her newly born baby Callie Rose on her father's private beach feeling glad that she still has a part of Callum with her. The author and the dramatist want us to feel the emotions they are feeling and they want us to question our perceptions of the outside world. They also use very powerful descriptive words which pull on our heart strings and make us feel the pain of betrayal, the joy of the baby and the shock of the riot. This allows us to mirror the powerful and sometimes devasting emotions. It also makes the book feel more realistic and gives us a visual image of the book. I really liked this play because it was absolutely amazing and it was a very powerful and moving story of undying love. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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