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Campsite monster story

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´╗┐The Meeting Point I was jumping for joy. This was the day we were going camping; this for me was perhaps the best day of the year. I was as happy as a lark, although there was a slight element of concern about the rumours of a colossal monster that lurked underneath the shadows of the titanic trees waiting upon the opportunity to pounce on human flesh I leapt of my bed, excited. I drew the curtains in my bedroom, but to my surprise found myself blinded by the intense power of the beam, like a stun grenade. I leaped to the cupboard like a cheetah attacking its prey and threw on the first bunch of clothes I could find, before quickly packing my bag with the appropriate clothing for the camping trip. Suddenly it occurred to me that I was running late so I quickened my slow pace. I pushed open my bedroom door, with my rucksack hanging on my shoulder containing my essentials, and jumped downstairs to the smell of the eggs sizzling in the frying pan. ...read more.


I jumped out of the car and grabbed my bag from the boot, containing my essentials. ?Bye mum.? I said ?Remember to make good friends, but make sure you pick them wisely as a good friend is like a map in a spaghetti junction.? Mum explained. On that note Mum drove off and I turned towards my adventure. I could smell the pine cones, and I could taste the damp air. However the sound of the register made me sprint to the group and call out my name. And that?s when it began. The camp leader Jeff called out my group; it consisted of people who were complete strangers to my eyes. The group was made up of Chuckie, Tom, Mick and me. In the corner of my eye I caught all three glaring at me. Their eyes like owls. ?H-H-H?. Hello my name is Matt? I stuttered. ?Hi my name is Chuckie.? Replied the shortest of the three. ...read more.


?I don?t know what you are planning on doing, but if it?s bad, I?m out. If I mess up on this camp trip, I?m grounded for life.? Chuckie complained. I could hear in my mind the thoughts of my mum drumming into me about paths and choices. I better make the right one tonight. Chuckie appeared to be the cautious character that was never was never up for anything that involved a slight element of risk or danger. Mick on the other hand was daring and adventures child who seemed as cunning as a fox. He seemed as keen as mustard to get up to mischief and leave the campsite. ?This is supposed to be an adventure, lets go out an explore.? Mick said ?But what ?bout the Monster? Chuckie questioned ?What you talking about fool, that?s just a myth, you?re not scared are you?? ?No?.. I?m not scared.? Chuckie hesitated. ?Then it?s settled, we leave now, follow me boys.? Hesitantly we all succumbed to the peer pressure and followed Mick. ...read more.

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