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Can communism flourish under human control?

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Can communism flourish under human control? ************************************************************************ In Animal Farm, George Orwell portrays the events of the Russian Revolution as a comical satire. The fable is based on a stereotypical farm set out in the country. However, he uses its characters to symbolize the players of the Russian Revolution. Inside Manor Farm, which symbolizes Russia, the animals plot a revolution to overthrow Farmer Jones, who characterizes Czar Nicholas. Orwell uses his dry sense of humour and irony to cast an entertaining and interesting perspective of the Russian Revolution. The revolution as we know it was achieved in the October Revolution, 1917. The revolt was lead by a man named Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. He led the Bolshevik Party with the influence of a German economist, Karl Marx, who wrote the book, Das Kapital and his communist philosophy. ...read more.


Stalin gained total control in 1928; he lied to the Russian public, set up secret forces and squashed any opposition who dared to raise a voice. He made false promises of freedom and equality while ironically becoming a tyrant himself. The characters that play the Bolsheviks are the pigs in George Orwell's parody of the revolution. Napoleon is described as being corrupt and greedy, just as Joseph Stalin once was. George Orwell believed that the ideas and suggestions of communism were superb and gives the impression of a perfect society; however, he did not have faith in communism successfully working due to the irrepressible desires and greed of human nature. Orwell shows this as he describes Napoleon's character transition throughout the fable. ...read more.


In the end both Stalin and Napoleon has great potential, but washed it away with the temptation of power. The idea of communism and socialism disappears as Napoleon adapts the commandments to his suiting and institutes his own version of 'The Beasts of England'. Napoleon, Stalin, both become mere dictators, tyrants. Animal Farm is a success at making a parody of the Russian revolution. To the unaware, the novel is your average fable with power-hungry pigs walking on their hind legs and taking over the world. However, to the sharp minded, the depth of the real meaning of this political allegory is exposed. It is to destroy the myth stating that a true and pure society can prosper in the real world. In both cases the industry was strengthened, yet the hard-working innocent were ignored and treated as rogues. Power, greed, corruption and filth decay the once great ideas into scrap. ...read more.

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