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Can Hooper be seen as anything other than Evil? A comparative Essay on 'I'm king of the castle'.

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Can Hooper be seen as anything other than Evil? A comparative Essay on 'I'm king of the castle' In this essay I will be attempting to find out if Hooper is anything but evil, I believe that Hopper is not evil but just unloved. I believe this because Mr Hooper thinks that he cannot show the love that his late wife could of and so he does not try to show him any love. But there have been occasions that Hooper has shown evil for example when Kingshaw and Mrs Helena Kingshaw first arrived at The Warings, Hopper wrote on a piece of paper 'I didn't want you to come here' This note is thrown down to Kingshaw on the day that he and his mother arrive. This is Hooper's first demonstration on how evil he can be along with how possessive of his property he can be. I think that evil is just a metaphor on how people can act when they are intimidated or being defensive of something of theirs or something that they feel very strong about. This book 'I'm King of the Castle' has been written by Susan Hill and was written in 1969 in a small farm cottage in a remote corner of Dorset. I believe that Susan Hill wrote this book in hope that people would comprehend some of the pressures that children are under today with school, friends, and family problems. ...read more.


When Kingshaw finds himself a room away from Hooper, that he lock himself in Hooper is always searching for the room that he goes in trying to find it, then when Hooper does find Kingshaw's room Hooper just says 'Where's the key? Look, this isn't your house, you know, who do you think you are, going around locking doors?' Kingshaw reacts to this very quickly by replying with 'Stuff it.' Hooper then starts to get angry by saying 'You can't come in here anymore unless I say so.' Kingshaw then tells Hooper that he is very 'childish' Hooper tells Kingshaw 'I want to know what you keep coming up here for. You needn't think I don't know where you go to, I've known for weeks all the time, I've known.' This makes Kingshaw believe that he has lost again to Hooper and that he has lost the only place that he felt safe and that was his 'own', and that he might as well let Hooper into the room now that he knows all about it. Kingshaw thinks this because he wants him to show Hooper the room and not for Hooper to find out by himself. When Hooper enters the room he grabs the bag that Kingshaw had and starts accusing of stealing matches by saying 'You stole these, all of them. Thief, thief, thief.' Kingshaw keeps saying to Hooper that he didn't steal them and that his mother must have bought them. ...read more.


Another example is that on the last paragraph of the book when Hooper is proud of what he has done to Kingshaw by making him commit suicide 'I did that, it was because of me, and a spurt of triumph went through him.' This shows that Hooper if this was a real life satiation should be closely watched in case anything like this was to happen again. I do believe that things like this can happen in real life and children do commit suicide due to stress and pressure from peers. This mostly happens because they feel that they are trapped in their lives and tormented by their peers and 'demons' that control their lives for them. For some children just the thought of this is just unbearable and unthinkable and that can be enough for some to commit suicide. This also might happen as some children believe that their parents don't listen to them and just ignore them and never show them any love and just generally tell them to 'get lost' or possibly worse when ever they ask for any help or advice. Some of the events in the book 'I'm king of the castle' are unrealistic for example an eleven year old being able to be so sadistic and ruthless, towards another human being especially to one of the same age group. Also I don't believe a child of this age group would be able to come up with such advanced premeditated plans to make another's life so vile. Shayne Grove 10GA Miss Leader 1 ...read more.

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