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Canal 1977 - poem review

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Canal 1977 Canal 1977 is written roughly fifteen years after 1977. The poem is set in a lady's perspective as she talks about certain places in her life. We can tell that she is clearly jealous. It is because of this that I am going to be talking about how the writer tries to put us, the readers, in her position. In the first stanza, she starts of by saying 'I remember this place' which tells us that she is going to talk about one or two places. She goes on to describe this place, she says '...the pocky stonework' which is telling us that she is talking about a structure or piece of art of some sort. ...read more.


We learn this as she says, '..the trees and grass waiting to take over' She finishes off that stanza by saying 'I remember before' which brings us back to the first line 'And before'. The next stanza, starts off by saying 'And I remember the not yet after' now she starts talking about something that has happened but not straight away from the second stanza. 'When the money's raised and the spare time Sunday', here she is telling us that families are taking part in a fund raiser and going to a charity event on a Sunday. The stanza afterwards, she talks about families who 'purr their idle way into sunshine'. ...read more.


The final stanza, the author talks about the 'Roman candle minders' and how their life's were taken away from them suddenly, without warning. 'Humanity goes out, like a light'. Here she is saying that humanity can be lost, just like that, just how blow out a candle light, that is how fast life can be lost. She constantly talks about things that have occurred before, and continuously states 'and before' and 'and after'. Overall the author has tried on several occasions to put us, the reader, in her position. We assume she has tried to do this as she wants to make us to see what it feels like to be jealous and perhaps being left out can be difficult. This, as well as other things such as putting the tunnels 'life' on hold. ...read more.

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