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candyman vs. bloody mary

  • Essay length: 623 words
  • Submitted: 19/11/2010
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Candyman vs.

Steph McAlister

Most people would assume that Candyman and Bloody Mary are just alike; but in fact they have many differences that most would not know unless they were familiar with the background stories of the two. Candyman; born as Daniel Robitaille, was an artist chosen by a rich, white landowner to paint a portrait of his daughter Caroline. The setting causes a love affair between Daniel and her, resulting in Caroline becoming pregnant. When Caroline's father hears of the affair and pregnancy, Daniel is chased out of town and hunted down by him and many angry farms men. He was then tortured by having his right hand sawed off by a rusty blade and his body being coated with fresh honey. A small boy tastes the honey on Daniel's hand and says, "Candyman." The crowd then shouts out the name five times while bees swarm over his body, stinging him thousands of times. Caroline's father taunts him on the way he now looks, with a mirror; he was forced to watch himself die while uttering his last words..."Candyman."

Bloody Mary, on the other hand, was the first born daughter of

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