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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment, is it necessary? Is it right to take the lives of the ones that have taken the lives of other people? Over the past few years, this has been a question asked repeatedly and is a much debated topic. However, capital punishment has never been proved right or wrong. But how can we say that killing is wrong if we sanction killing criminals? What is the difference between killing in an illegal way and killing legally? As we stepped into the 21st century, our modern society had encouraged model roles being posed to educate our future generation. If we start killing criminals just because they have committed a crime, then are we encouraging our next generation to kill for what they think is wrong? ...read more.


There is no such thing as a humane method of putting a person to death; every form of execution causes the prisoners to suffer. We should respect the criminals as humans and punish them with methods other than capital punishment. This could give the criminal a second chance, and show them that the society would think of his/her family before killing them as if they should think of their victims and their family before kill. Also it would be a better way to save money and benefit our society. Perhaps some methods could cause less suffering, such as a sentence of imprisonment or to doing community work could also be much more beneficial to our society. ...read more.


They believed that there is no guarantee that these murderers are going to really change themselves, and as the society does not have a perfect solution and somebody is going get hurt, the society should minimize the harm which means therefore, capital punishment cannot be abolished. In conclusion, I believe that we should abolish Capital Punishment. It removes the individual's humanity and with it any chance of rehabilitation and their giving something back to society. In the case of the worst criminals, this may be acceptable but is more questionable in the case of less awful crimes. We must learn how to forgive, learn that "revenge" is not the best solution to problems and that we should look at different points of view, understand the overall situation and then take action. Christina Wong, Chi San Argumentative and Persuasive 19th November, 2007 ...read more.

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