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Captain Corelli's

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By focusing on at least three characters from 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin', consider the importance of the range of viewpoints used in the novel. Throughout the novel, Louis de Berniere gives every character a clear identity. By this every individual is representative of those that were present at the time of the war. This identity entitles them to show the reader different prospective and viewpoints on how they feel. Thus it portrays a sense of reality as it is not all fiction and does consist of facts from the war. However I do feel that there are central characters in the novel that make it seem more interesting and therefore grip the reader to make us want to read on. These characters don't only represent the individuals in the horrific war but manage to make the storyline seem more intriguing. Dr Iannis, Pelagia, Carlo and Mandras are selected well by Berniere to highlight different views of different people from different places. Captain Corelli's Mandolin opens with an insight into Dr Iannis's daily routine. He is perhaps the most educated individual on the island and therefore well respected and known by all those who live amongst him. He is symbolic of the independence of Greece and through him we gain an incite into the historic and patriotic pride of Cephallonia. The deep desire and passion for the island is portrayed by the doctor are clear as he begins to describe the infamous island; "...Cephallonia rises improvidently and inadvisedly from the Ionian Sea, it is an island so immense in aniquity....rocks themselves exhale nostalgia... ...read more.


From this he concludes that she does not think he is good enough for her and feels her love for him as changed into a formality. He realizes she may no longer have deep feelings for him, but can't understand why. Bernieres makes Mandras a lucky survivor from the war front so his description is the only valid one of the war. He describes the walk as an unpleasant travesy through the remnants of the war; "...decaying donkeys, charred bodies, crippled tanks and vast amounts of abandoned, useless equipment..." "Decaying" and "crippled" are words that highlight the never ending pain of war. Mandras starts to become to involved with the battle and forgets his humanity. When he suspects he is going mad, he stops to rest in a cave and when he wakes up he is welcomed by an ugly, large, unclean and insane one-eyed hag who can only say "Circe". He notices "that she was a simple soul to whom God had given a kind heart." Which shows us that Mandras has more than just a war driven mind and has the ability to look beyond the appearance of those whom are isolated form society and find a persons more generous and humane side Through out the novel Mandras's story is one of the most interesting. He changes character, loses his mind and gradually becomes inhuman. The reason for this could be the war itself or furthermore the types of people invlolved in the war with whom he must fight.For instance Louis de Bernieres adds a scene were Hector takes Mandras to a tiny village in order to test him. ...read more.


He played this in times of enjoyment and pleasure. The beautiful sound causes a result of harmony and peace. This is ironic as the novel itself is set at a time of war. Bernieres tries to convey as message that even in times of total hell and destruction people will somehow find some way of finding peace. Also the author maybe trying to say that we don't realize how lucky we are to be this way today. We have lost the true meaning of life. During times like the war people found pleasure from small things such as the mandolin and now we over look that and don't realize how simple tranquility can be gained even at worst of times. In addition to this the title links into a chapter where, Antonio gives a description of how lovely mandolins are and how similar they are to woman, referring to Pelagia. He expresses his love for both Pelagia and his mandolin, which he calls Antonia as a way of giving it a more live nature. He wonders how someone so marvelous as Pelagia can be made of flesh and how mandolins can be made out of wood. He expresses how he feels he and Pelagia are like brother and sister before Greek and invader and remarks how similar a mandolin is to a woman in both the anatomical and sexual aspect. Even though the title has different meanings and relates to the novel in more ways than just one, Louis de Bernieres manages to compare and contrast love and war within one novel. ...read more.

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