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Carefully examine the way in which the momentous events of New Year's Eve dramatically changed Silas Marner's life

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Carefully examine the way in which the momentous events of New Year's Eve dramatically changed Silas Marner's life. "Silas Marner" the novel wrote by George Eliot, is about the linen weaver of an isolated village known as Raveloe. Marner was once a well respected member of a community in a northern district town called Lantern Yard. But after everyone thinking he had been possessed by Satan, a string of events took place where he lost everything he ever valued. Marner was a very religious man and a devote Christian. He was always socialising and very much part of the society. He was forever in the church and gave everything he had to them. An example for this is shown on page 14. "......Marner was highly thought of in that little hidden world known to itself as a church." This showed that people thought a lot of him and was an extremely popular guy. He had many friends, but one special one who he relied upon for everything. His name was William Dane. He was also in a loving relationship with his fianc�e Sarah. After Silas was framed for the theft of the church money, by his so called friend William Dane, he becomes a complete social outcast. ...read more.


Since moving to Raveloe Marner has been working as a linen weaver earning vast amounts of gold this is his only incentive for work. He enjoys the gold for company not for fortune, for something to love, something he can trust in, something that replaces God and man. One night when he is out his money and prize possession gets stolen. Marner is heartbroken and can't believe anyone could do such a thing. His first reaction is to inform everyone so he charges into the rainbow and announces it. To start of with people find this a bit suspicious but soon start to feel sorry for him. These people include Justice Malam and Dolly Winthrope. They try to convince him to come to church and ask God for help. But he just shrugs them off and ignores their advice. He is completely devastated and feels as though everyone is getting at him. Although he ignores their advice he does start to talk a bit more and people soon warm to him. Then New Years Eve came, this is when things changed the way in which Marner thought. After finding a little girl, which he later named Eppie, in his cottage his life changed dramatically. Although he ignored her once before this did not stop Dolly coming to persuade Marner to go to church, he felt he had to do this in order to make things right for Eppie. ...read more.


Marner feels a hint of sadness but knows he has to move on, he is now completely integrated in Raveloe and shows this on Page 215, ".......The old home's gone, I've no home but this now." He has got away from his past and started a fresh, clean slate. He has gone from being a well liked sociable man, to an isolated outcast, to a suspicious foreigner and now a well respected member of his society. Marner's main priority is Eppie. This is shown when the money is handed back to him and he says "....it takes no hold of me now." This shows all of his love is concentrated on Eppie. His life has had many ups and downs but he has got on with it and in the end has become a much stronger person, with his faith in God and man restored. This is shown when he says, "......Since the time the child was sent to me and I've come to love her as myself, I've had light enough to trusten by, and now she says she'll never leave me, I think I shall trusten till I die." This puts his mind at ease that he will always have someone to love who will love him back. All of these events have shown that Marner's life has changed dramatically to make him a much stronger, reliable person. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Literature Cara Johnson ...read more.

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