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Carmen sat on the terrace. It was early morning and the Venezuelan sun was just starting to rise on the horizon

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Lallie Fraser A Homecoming Truth Carmen sat on the terrace. It was early morning and the Venezuelan sun was just starting to rise on the horizon; it was hotter than she expected it to be. The haze from the moist grass formed a thick blanket of mist over the jungle in the distance. She couldn't believe she had actually made it there and now, here she was sitting in her abuela's armchair pondering on where she could possibly go from here. Since she was old enough to question who she was, she always sensed that back in England, she hadn't fully belonged. The frustrating thing was that she could never pinpoint exactly why she felt like that; she knew that her mother, Theresa, had died when she was born but she never mourned her death, how could she? She couldn't even remember her - all she had was old photographs and her jewellery collection. Carmen remembered asking her father when she about seven what her mother was like, he became sheepish on the subject and briefly mentioned she was wild and young when he had met her, an exotic beauty who had just come from South America. ...read more.


That was the moment both Carmen and her father saw that nothing was going to stop her from doing what she needed to do. Two months later she was on the plane to Caracas, she was so nervous; she hoped so much that her family would be everything she couldn't explain about herself, even her fiery temper vexed her because her father was so placid, she knew that there was a South American streak inside her. Around her neck was the locket her father had given her for her thirteenth birthday, it had been her mothers and since that day Carmen had never stopped wearing it; inside was a picture of what she knew to be her mother and another of her man who she assumed to be her uncle but she never knew for sure if that's who it really was. Once Carmen had collected her luggage and gone through customs, which had been a surprisingly flippant affair compared to the strict rules and regulations at Heathrow Airport, she walked through the door where ahead would be the grandmother who she had wondered about since she was a little girl. ...read more.


She stood in the way of her uncle defiantly. "Grigorio, I came here to find out about my family and I want to go back to England knowing that it wasn't a waste of time, for God's sake please don't treat me like a child." He sat down again, leaning one arm on the terrace table and ran his other hand through his hair, breathing out deeply. "Carmen, I never thought I'd meet you. When I heard you were coming to Venezuela, I was so happy, happier than I've ever been. When Theresa left here I thought my world would end there and then. And then I got my only letter from her a month after she left, I'll never forget it. It was July 17th on a morning not unlike this one when I found out she was pregnant. With my baby." Carmen sat silently. She wasn't sure if she understood what her 'uncle' had just said. "Grigorio are you telling me you're my father." Then they both embraced each other so tenderly, tears flowing down both their faces. At last both of them found a truth in their life that fulfilled them. From that day things would never be the same. There were still so many questions left unanswered that Carmen needed to know..... ...read more.

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