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Carol Ann Duffys Anne Hathaway explains the feelings of Shakespeares widow as she contemplates her marriage. Write a monologue in which Anne Shakespeare considers her thoughts about her husband and love.

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Carol Ann Duffy?s ?Anne Hathaway? explains the feelings of Shakespeare?s widow as she contemplates her marriage. Write a monologue in which Anne Shakespeare considers her thoughts about her husband and love. [After reading her husband?s will, tears glittered in Anne?s eyes, deep down, like the sinking reflection of a well. She pulled out a small, crumpled paper from her bag. It was the letter that her husband had written to her when proposing. She reads it to herself.] ?You are the woman in whose arms I want to spend all nights of my life. You are the one whose breath I want to cool my temple, in whose eyes I want to reveal all of me, to the depth of my being! ...read more.


When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn?t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything. You are the very air that I breathe, the very love that I need, my heart, my soul, my everything. You are the light in my eyes, the happiness in my heart, and just the thought of you leaving me breaks me into small and countless pieces. The sweetest of my memories come when I think of you. I remember the first day that I saw you. ...read more.


Your eyes dance like the mermaids in the sunshine, promulgating the exotic beauty within your innermost being. Words alone limit me to explaining how I feel about you. Love is created to be scattered, yes, scattered as rain all over that surrounds you, as light wherever your look can get, as dreams until the heights where your imagination can fly. Love is not measured, love doesn?t save; the more you love, the more you feel that there is so much love in your life; so, my angel, I will never count debts for how much I have given to you but thank you from the heart that you have gave me the chance to love you, that you let me be your sun and rain. ...read more.

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