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Carole Satymurtis I Shall Paint my Nails Red is a wonderful poem which I found myself closely relating to. I feel that in this poem she reflects many sides of a womans life.

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I SHALL PAINT MY NAILS RED: BY CAROLE SATYAMURTI Humour and Empowerment of Women in Carol Satyamurti's I Shall Paint my Nails Red Carole Satyamurti , a poet and sociologist cleverly weaved the plight of ordinary women in I Shall Paint my Nails Red : women who are seen as a mere background of the society- neglected and lost in the mundane of her existence . While it is easy to discern that I Shall Paint my Nails is nothing but the showcasing of a woman's vanity seeking attention, a closer look at the poem would reveal a deeper and multi-layered analysis of women. In essence, Carole Satyamurti's I Shall Paint my Nails Red was able to show the different roles and interpretations of women of herself, to her daughter , to her lover , the society and to life- that painting her nails red symbolizes a departure from her customary role in to show an intelligent , interesting and valuable person capable of so much more than her ordinary routines . It is a declaration of a woman's importance The color red is interpreted in poetry as a figure of speech for passion , anger and strong emotions . ...read more.


Despite her hard work, this woman is still woman and lacks the rough hands of a man. She paints her nails like every other woman, and is proud of her hands for all the work they have accomplished her. The line that follows, "Because it will remind me I'm a woman" refers back to the line preceding it. Here one may first simply think that by looking down at her hands and nails she will, again, feel beautiful and feel and remember that she is a woman. Looking past that simple first glance, this line goes back to a woman's hard work and the tasks that she must accomplish every day with her responsibilities. In all the everyday stress, a woman often forgets that she is also beautiful and that she is a woman. Despite all her hard work, she is still delicate and most importantly, she must still take care of herself. Continuing with that same idea, Satymurti's next line says, "Because I will look like a survivor." The color red is often portrayed as blood, and this "blood" on her finger tips could suggest that she is bleeding from her hard work. ...read more.


The spice is only temporary. Because she has her life to live and people to take care of, she looks forward to painting her nails red and having a small adventure, as long as the adventure is reversible. The change is not something permanent which she wants in her life, but rather a small extra thing to add to her everyday. I believe that this poem is trying to overall tell women a small message. A message about being independent and getting things done for yourself, but never forgetting to love yourself and give yourself that extra time to get away for a little while. The poem shows a woman's busy life, but the complexity of her character as a true person. It shows the many things a woman tries to juggle while emphasizing that she is always happy with herself and her accomplishments, and that in the end she wants to be sure she can always be herself. This poem also shows how a simple thing can go a long way in our lives. Something as simple as painting your nails red is a way to take time in life to enjoy the simple things rather than get caught up with the problems and stress of the everyday. This poem encourages women to do a little something for themselves, and to always love themselves. ...read more.

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