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Carpet weavers morocco

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Carpet Weavers, Morocco- Carol Rumens Question 3 In the sad and deep poem of "Carpet weavers Morocco", Carol Rumens portrays the lives of the children as tough and bounded by labour. She depicts this through uses of language features such as metaphors, similes and personification. She creates vivid images through the strong choice of words and adds feeling through language techniques. In stanza one line one she says "the children are at the loom of another world". This means that the child laborers are not like everyone else. They have matured earlier and have given up their childhoods in order to earn just enough money for all of life's basic necessities. ...read more.


In this line she uses a simile to give us that feeling of the children working very hard and looming quickly. "As the garden of Islam grows, the bench will be raised". This line introduces religion into the children's lives. It adds more information to the children and gives us an idea of what their religion could be "Islam". The carpets which they weave have scenes from the gardens in Islam. Stanza three tells us what happens to the carpets which the children make. That once finished it will go to the merchant's truck to be sold most probably at a mosque (religious temple). Once again religion is mentioned emphasizing on its importance in the lives of the children. ...read more.


This adds emotion and enhances the readers connection with the poem, they will show sympathy for the children who are not given the opportunity to an education. Line two indicates that the children's small fingers are putting in color to whatever they make and all that ever will be is carpet. Nothing else, their creativity is based around carpets therefore it shows that they will probably have no future. "All- that- will- be" are strengthening words, used to enforce strength and power. "And freeze into the frame of all- that- was". She uses another language technique, Fly and freeze are alliterations and again the three last words are used for power. It means that the things the children weave or make will be carpet and that their future is ensured in weaving carpets. It is quite dark and sad as it symbolizes confinement and loss. ...read more.

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