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Cars! Are they really necessary? Persuasive essay.

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Cars! Are they really necessary? Persuasive essay How many people do you know who don't have a car? Chances are the list is a very short one. Where would we be without our cars? How would we get to school or work? In a perfect world every one would use public transport and drive smart cars. But lets face it! How often does the two o'clock bus come at two o'clock or the 5pm train come at 5pm. Public transport just isn't reliable. And who wants to be the first to own a car, which you charge at night like your mobile phone. It sounds a bit gaudy, don't you think? ...read more.


And it's not just the drivers who are in danger in fact it's not even just the passengers. The number of pedestrians killed every year is almost as high. People don't realise how fast they're going, the corner was sharper than they thought the ground was slippery, the brakes aren't quite as good in the rain or the child runs out from nowhere! The list of reasons is endless. The environment suffers too for our need fro better transport! Forests are ripped up to make room for motorways and dual carriageways. The smoke and exhaust fume pollutes the air and many animals are killed on the roads every hour. ...read more.


The car isn't all bad, its comfortable and you feel safer sitting in your own car than sitting on a train or bus with dozens of strangers. It's also a fashion statement; many people feel they are judged on the kind of person they are by the kind of car they drive. In a way this is true. A car is something you can be proud of; you work and save hard to get one so you have the right to make us of it. I feel if cars are used wisely and responsibly they are a very worthwhile investment. How else would you get all those carrier bags back from the sales every year, or get the groceries to your door? We simply couldn't manage without our cars, and despite all the bad points many of us would be lost without them. ...read more.

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