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Cars enslave us rather than liberate us.

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´╗┐Topic: Cars enslave us rather than liberate us. How much effort do you put in travelling to school or workplace each week? Created in 1870, cars have been one of the most useful and spectacular inventions of human beings. The society we live in has recently became completely reliant on these fuel-burning vehicles. It is widely discuss whether cars are a blessing or a real nightmare that may lead people astray. As a young driver, I firmly believe in the liberating power of cars. ...read more.


Otherwise, how would they be able to develop and participate in some additional activities, like volunteering or learning to play the violin? It is important to stress that these ingenious machines may give people the fantastic experience of travelling round the world without worrying about covering long distances having a place to sleep when one is on the way! Furthermore, cars have an unquestionable advantage over the means of public transport. Given the choice between walking in the rain to get to the bus station or taking a car and driving directly to one?s destination, who would not prefer the latter? ...read more.


On the other hand, cars are very expensive to maintain. They burn a lot of fuel and, therefore, force people to be more restrictive about their expenses. However, public transport is not free too. For a five-member family, it is quite more beneficial to have a car since it not only saves money, but also a lot of free time that can be spent on more pleasant activities. To conclude, living without a car appears to have a lot of serious disadvantages. It strikes me that these vehicles save a lot of time and do not put any demand to subordinate to timetables. To my mind, they liberate us rather than enslave us. ...read more.

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