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Case Study on: Andrew Buurman.

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Case Study on: Andrew Buurman Andrew Buurman is a professional freelance photographer. He was born in Liverpool in 1966; he came from a traditional working middle class Roman Catholic family. He went through college and got his A-Levels in economics, politics, and computing. He then went to Swansea University to study politics. Even though he has the qualifications he does not see education as been important. After he got his degree in politics he found that it was not a subject that he wished to peruse, Andrew took up photography whilst living in Japan. He later took a post graduate diploma in photojournalism at the London College of Printing. After college he became a photographer with The Independent. Now freelance, he works for national newspapers, magazines and corporate clients. He later lived in Scotland for a short while but found it really difficult to get work. He has now been a photojournalist since 1995. There are different ways in which work can be obtained. ...read more.


He also worked with heroine addicts; these are some of the pictures he took, as you can see the pictures are really explicit. The composition of this picture is really good he darkens the surroundings of the picture so your eyes are drawn to the centre of the photograph. He also worked with a group of elderly people that swim in Hyde Park every Sunday morning. The pictures are really interesting, the images looked like sculptures in the water. You can only see down to their shoulders. I think he put a lot of thought into the composition of the pictures. When you look at the pictures the first thing your eyes are drawn to are the people. He uses the lines in the water for perspective. I don't think the same effect would have been achieved if all the pictures had been taken with colour instead of black and white. He likes to use humour with his work as you can see with the images below. ...read more.


When he was a boy, his budding interest in the medium of photography was encouraged by his grandfather George Parr, himself a keen amateur photographer. Since that time, Martin Parr has worked on numerous photographic projects. He has developed an international reputation for his innovative imagery, his oblique approach to social documentary, and his input to photographic culture within the UK and abroad. In recent years, he has developed an interest in filmmaking, and has started to use his photography within different conventions, such as fashion and advertising. These are some of his works. He also likes works published by Magnum. His main hobby is photography; he also likes music and football, but says that ever since he has become a photographer his life basically revolves around it. He is inspired by art; he goes around galleries looking at different artists' work. He says that he would not recommend his job to any one unless they really loved photography. He got �500 for some pictures he took a while back, but you still have to budget. Advertising shoots earns a lot of money, around �4,000, but because he does editorial he does not get that much. ...read more.

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