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Casino Royal Film Review

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Casino Royale Review Bond new to the 00 status finds his paths crossed with the mysterious and dangerous banker Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen). Le Chiffre organizes a high-stakes poker game in Montenegro, with his intentions of trying to win back his owed money. M (Judi Dench) enters Bond into the game with the intentions of bankrupting Le Chiffre. He is teamed up with the intelligent and beautiful accountant Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) who is in charge of Bond's finances. ReviewA new Bond arrives right in the thick of it. Extravagant and high risk chases follow and start the film in a fast paced fashion which keeps you the edge of your seat. ...read more.


Another mesmerizing opening scene displaying impressive movements and choreography, matches the quality of its predecessors. Daniel Craig steps in as the new Bond who has only recently earned his licence to kill, and his first victim is shown as a dramatic flashback and shot while confronting a traitor to MI6 shot in black and white, which then explodes into the full colour and intricate artwork of the title sequence. After a few more relaxing scenes where the audience gets to know and get introduced to the new Bond who is more than what just meets the eye. The film picks up again as Bond manages to narrowly thwart an attack on a super-sized jet plane, which could have been the entire plot in its self. ...read more.


He kept well to the book and even included some of its most detailed moments including the torture scene which pushes the 12A rating to its straining point, but keeping to tradition with the inclusion of a stunning Aston Martin. Judi Dench keeps her role as 'M' but the more comedic elements of 'Q' and Miss Moneypenny take a well deserved rest. As can expected with every film there are a few lessons to be learned with the inclusion of a perhaps all to regular building collapse during the emotional finale, and perhaps the development of all too regular visits to the bar, but none the less a terrific film which is right up there with the best in the saga, and the inclusion of a star who truly delivers Ian Fleming's Bond and more is more than just a muscular ladies man. ...read more.

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