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Cassie’s Diary.

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Cassie's Diary It was still dark when Big Ma woke me up. I looked up at the clock it was 3:30. I remembered it was the market day today. She said she was taking Stacey and me to the market in Strawberry. We got into the wagon at the back. Suddenly we saw TJ hop in the back. I just realised we are only going because of TJ. Big Ma says, " Mr Avery said he needed some things from Strawberry he couldn't get from the Wallace store so he sent TJ" It was a very long trip. I feel asleep for a while. Then Big Ma tugged on me "Well child here we are open your eyes and take in Strawberry" All it was, was a normal town nothing special. We went into the market, down a dirty road and in front of us all these people had set here. I thought we were going to stay here but Big Ma kept on going to the other side, which was a deserted place. ...read more.


I looked down at the price; I screamed, "$35.95 just for an old gun and it looks like you can't even hunt with it" TJ with a weird look at me "Its for protection not for hunting" then he quickly turned to Stacey and spoke with a determined voice "I'm gonna get that gun one day Stacey I swear" Then we went to the front counter and TJ handed a list to Mr Barnett. Mr Barnett looked at the list and said "You one of Grangers people" "Yessir" TJ answered. Mr Barnett started to fill the order when some white people came, he then stopped doing TJ order and he started filling up other white people's list. I felt confused, why had he left our list. We waited several minutes before he came over to us. As soon as he approached us a little girl came over with a list, he forgot us and started doing her order. ...read more.


Then she tried pushing me down. I backed off quickly. Then suddenly from behind twisting my arm and threw me down on the road. I turned around feeling the pain by now it was Lillian Jean Simms Dad. He bellowed, "If my girl asks you to get on the road then you damn get in the road" "Now you apologise this minute to my daughter," He shouted. I stammered close to tears "I've already apologised" He then jumped down on to the road heading for me, I thought he was going to wear me out. "Come on child we're going home now" Big Ma said from behind. I weren't that scared now Big Ma had come. "Not before she apologizes she ain't" said Mr Simms. "Go on child apologize" Big Ma spoke "But..." "Do like I say child" she said. "I'm sorry," I mumbled "I'm sorry Miss Lillian Jean," demanded Mr Simms. "Say it child" Big Ma said softly. I'm sorry Miss Lillian Jean," I cried feeling confused, hurt and betrayed. I ran towards the wagon crying, this was the cruellest day of my life. BY DHIRAJ AERY 10P ...read more.

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