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Cast a new look on learning

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Cast a new look on learning With new and innovative technology emerging everywhere in today's modern world, podcasting is right on the electric avenue. [Name] reveals the marvels of this rapidly growing technology and how students and educators alike can both benefit from harnessing the potential that podcasting brings. R apidly evolving, technology has infinite potential in the classroom. The issue however, is how to harness and apply technology. Educational institutions and educator need a simple method of integrating the various different technologies to create student-syllabus synergy. Podcasting, a form of digital broadcasting, provides a solution to the digital divide with its ease of use, flexibility and application. The implementation of podcasting in schools will provide a richer and more efficient learning environment, increasing memory retention in turn grades to come. It works by setting up a connection between a provider, who can be anyone, and a computer. Standing for, 'personal-on-demand casting' it links the single user to a wide variety of resources which are applicable to any subject area. ...read more.


"The web is more a social creation that a technical one. I designed it for social effect - to help people work together." - Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of The World Wide Web In academia With the spectrum of content being so wide, podcasting has both entertainment value in its many internet and TV shows as well as radio, but also very strong potential in its educational value. By integrating podcasting into educational institutions such as schools and universities, students have the potential to be in and receive an overall richer learning environment (Campbell). Already, places like Queensland's University of Technology (QUT) are making use of this valuable resource. By recording every lecture and any additional information such as notes and tutorials, students are already finding podcasting to be highly beneficial to their studies. QUT student [Interviewee], "Podcasting has been a really valuable resource for me, when it comes exam time often things can be missed in class and in lectures, so reviewing everything as it happened, as many times as I want, assures that I am prepared and with results to follow." ...read more.


Another known problem throughout students is the ability to effectively note take. Many students have a poor quality of note taking skills, whether it is bad organisation of notes, bad handwriting, not being able to actively listen at the same time or even just note taking proving to be counterproductive for some. Podcasting will allow for students to be more focused on what is happening in the classroom and be more active in participation (Wheeler). No more having to scribble down notes while trying to keep up with the current topic all the time, overall providing a more enjoyable environment and experience for students. Changing times Educators must realise that it is time for a change in how things are taught. The current methods are proving to be tedious, redundant and inefficient. Migrating from old techniques may be hard, but it order to keep taking steps forward it is a necessity. There are solutions out there, podcasting being only one of many, but light must be shed upon them in the classroom. The learning environment should be flexible and robust, ready for change and ready for a positive influence under technology. It is the next step forward. ...read more.

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