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Casualties of an accident

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Casualties of an accident Dr. Manmohan Singh, when he became the Prime Minister of India, had raised tremendous hopes in the minds of the middle class people of India. This was because he was perceived to be an honest and upright person of very high integrity, besides being a specialist in the field of Economics and Finance. In India, a politician is seen as a greedy, dishonest, and unprincipled person who is only interested in filling his own pocket, so people were happy, when Dr. Singh declared that he was a politician by accident, because they hoped that this one man could possibly deliver them from the continuous bouts of let-downs that they had been subjected to by all the previous administrations; at long last, here was a man, who was not only an expert in his field, but was also honest and sincere, and a gentlemen to the core. ...read more.


Politics is about winning the hearts of people; it involves touching, shaking hands, hugging, and touching the chords of the heart, whereby you are able to win the hearts of people so that they get to love you and all that you stand for, and Indian politics have people like Mayavati, Narendra Modi, who have proved that they are unbeatable at this game; people listen with bated breath and hang on to every word when they begin to speak. Such people are able to ride over critics and use their influence to carry the day in the end; these people do not hide away when faced with opposition or people who have a different viewpoint than theirs; they do not get judgemental in condemning other players; they rather prefer to get down in ...read more.


Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal to come out openly in his support. Dr. Manohan Singh had raised many a hope of deliverance for the middle class who had seen in him a mirror of themselves; a middle-class honest, gentlemanly, decent, hardworking and qualified man who was chosen to lead. However, in politics there is a different game at play; you have to stick to your convictions, tolerate those who differ opinion with you and work differently, face and be amongst the people, communicate with them and use your own strength to convince others and bring them around to your way of thinking. Dr. Singh, by doing this could have brought about sea changes in the system, but sadly, a golden chance seems to have been thrown by the wayside. Siddharth Nair 10 C ...read more.

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