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Catch me if you can. No doubt you are an incredibly busy man; nonetheless, I suppose you would be interested in knowing that the identity of the serial killer is finally out

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CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! Dear editor, No doubt you are an incredibly busy man; nonetheless, I suppose you would be interested in knowing that the identity of the serial killer is finally out. I suppose the whole town is bound to be shocked at the revelation I am about to make; nevertheless I believe that it is imperative that the truth comes to light. However I can assure this town that after tonight there will be no more murders; after tonight your wives and daughters will ultimately sleep in peace and your children will no longer fear venturing out after dark. Tonight at long last, this scandal shall be exposed! In the past few weeks, this town has suffered more than its fair share of crime and agony at the hands of the notorious Gingerbread Man. The gruesome murders of Mrs Chapman, Ms Patricia Swan, Ms Alicia Rhodes, Mrs Freeman and my good friend Bella Watson caused havoc and shook this place worse than a violent earthquake! Having known one of the victims, I was chosen by the police department to lead this investigation. ...read more.


Our diligence has finally paid off and I have obtained footage revealing the killer?s identity as he entered and left the abode of his latest victim- Ms Pamela Thatcher. Pamela who succumbed to this slayer two days ago was murdered in the same manner as all the other victims. Being in charge of this investigation, I was the first to check the camera footage around the victim?s house. Now I know why the crime scenes appeared so familiar, like I had been to each of those places before. That is the reason why there was no evidence to be found ? the killer was someone who knew how the police force functioned; it had to be one of us investigators: it was I. That is why no matter how deep I probed I came to a complete dead end. That is the reason I ended up going in circles; because all this while I had been chasing my own tail. I suppose the lack of evidence proved to be the greatest clue. ...read more.


Although, by the laws of this land I cannot prosecute myself, at the same time I cannot allow the Gingerbread Man to torment this town any longer! Thus, I have decided to end it all. I am not a coward; I shall finish this tonight not because I fear the judicial system but because I fear for the people of this town. I promised that I would bring peace to this place and I shall even if it means that I must take my own life. I am writing to you and not to any of my friends in the police force for a reason. I do not wish to deny the people of this town the knowledge of the identity of the person who is to blame for their grievances; I do not want anybody else to suffer in the shadow of suspicion and doubt; I do not want this scandal to be hushed up and buried amongst the numerous files at the bureau. Do not have any second thoughts about publishing this document- that is my last wish. Yours faithfully, Samuel H. Jenkins Senior detective of Townsville police force ...read more.

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