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Catch me if you can Review

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English -Catch me if you can Rating: Stephen Spielberg's film, 'Catch Me If You Can' is a comedy-drama crime film based on the real-life story of Frank Abagnale, Jr, a con man and a mastermind who successfully impersonated a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer and ended up on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list for forging approximately $2 to $4 million dollars in checks all while still a teenager. Tom Hanks plays Carl Hanratty, the agent hot on Frank's tail who eventually catches him. His primary crime was cheque forgery, becoming so skilful that the FBI eventually turned to him for help. From the title, 'Catch me if you can' it is immediately suggested that it is about someone pursuing someone, this is very effective technique used as it gives an outline of the plot already in just a few words. Well here's a summary of the plot. It starts of with a gifted forger attempts to stay one step ahead of the law in this comedy-drama from Steven Spielberg. ...read more.


When Frank asks Brenda to marry him, he decides to assume a new identity to impress her father, Roger (Martin Sheen) - who happens to be the District Lawyer of New Orleans, LA. This plot is very straightforward to follow as it is man who wants more and more and this is the reason why it is also notably believable as this is what most people whether it's fifty or hundred years ago it will always remain in people. Leonardo DiCaprio gives an effective, fascinating performance as Frank Abagnale, Jr. He manages to display the confidence and glamour that would be qualities essential to Abagnale's real-life performances without ever appearing cold, calculating, or unsympathetic. Tom Hanks is excellent as Hanratty, showing both fierce determination to bring Abagnale to justice and father-like concern for the young con man. Christopher Walken delivers a fine, sympathetic performance as Frank Abagnale, Sr., the foil for his son, who is lowered through the loss of his marriage and his company, while his son's life seems to keep getting better and better. ...read more.


The figure of Hanratty gets ever closer as the sequence unfolds, until they finally share a frame during the producer credit. A fade out leaves the end of the tale opens, upholding the suspense of the main film. However I did feel as if it was longer than necessary which made me lose confidence in the film but that was soon turned around. While the story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. is fascinating and the performances are good, the film is a bit too long for its own good. At times the pace felt too slow and it almost lost my interest. This is one of the film's few flaws. Overall, it is an enjoyable picture that the entire family can see that offers an interesting view into the life of a con man. I urge you to go and see this film-it's marvellous. This film is structured to perfection and I recommend that you see it whether it's with your family or not it will certainly be a favourite in the house. ...read more.

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