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Catch Me If You Can - Review

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Media Assignment- (Catch Me If You Can) Plot Flustered by his parents' divorce, 16 year old Frank Abignale Junior who's played by Leonardo Dicaprio, runs away from his childhood home and undertakes the role of a tremendously acknowledged con man. Just another film based on a true story about a real fake and how before the age of 19, the ambitious Frank Abagnale Jr conned millions of dollars worth of cheques as a pilot, doctor and a legal prosecutor, giving the FBI one hell of a ride. An FBI agent tracks down and catches the young con artist who effectively impersonated an airline pilot, doctor, assistant attorney general and history professor, cashing more than 2.5 million dollars in fraudulent cheques in 26 countries, all in the idolism and using a role model of his father, who is in trouble with the IRS. ...read more.


him to justice however Frank is always one step ahead of Carl and encourages him to continue the chase, and Christopher Walken who plays Frank Abagnale Senior. Review "Catch Me If You Can" is a brilliantly directed film by Steven Spielberg. Together with sound effects and flashbacks, Steven has created this film with a vividly huge amount of effort. Flashbacks are used as the film commences and throughout the film also. At the start, during the game show we see Frank Jr. when trying to escape from prison and this leads us to the story of he became a striking conman. We also see deliberate contrasts between different personalities of characters. Viewers can often find this amusing and we can also see the real gist of the movie. ...read more.


At times the music can be jolly and at others it is dramatic, this type of music can gives us a taster of what the film is about. Sound effects are also used when special effects are used to show when tension occurs. The age this film is targeted at is 12, (young people) and the classification also shows this. Many of the stunts and special effects are used to attract young viewers attention and to get them interested in the movie. Leonardo Dicaprio who plays Frank Abagnale Jr starts his own adventures after his mum and dad divorce. His journey includes conning his way through conning his way into medical school, posing as a pilot, forging a law degree, and getting mixed up with high society life and even courting one rich family's daughter. ...read more.

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