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catcher in the rye

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How does Salinger use authorial technique to present Holden as a) a teenager b) suffering a breakdown? In this essay I will show how Salinger uses authorial techniques to present Holden as a teenager and how Salinger uses authorial techniques to show Holden is suffering from a breakdown. Holden is the main character in the novel, the novel is told in first person, to show that Holden is having a conversation. An example of Salinger using authorial techniques is when Holden swears, this shows that he is a teenager, because a lot of teenagers choose to swear to express themselves, and a lot of teenagers swear so that they feel like an adult. It also shows that Holden's parents haven't brought him up very well, because he doesn't see anything wrong with swearing. Another technique Salinger uses to present Holden, as a teenager is slang. Holden uses slang because he finds it hard to express his feelings towards other people, because he doesn't know how to communicate with people properly. ...read more.


Salinger also presents Holden, as a hypocrite because throughout the novel Holden says and does things that he feels is wrong, and then he goes and does it himself. Like swearing, when other people swear he thinks its wrong but when he does it he doesn't see anything wrong with it. This also shows that Holden contradicts himself as well, like when he was in the lavender room, he met some girls who he didn't like, and he thought were ugly, but Holden still bought them drinks and asked them to dance. Salinger also presents Holden as a teenager because of the way Holden tries to act like an adult. Like when Holden goes to the prostitute, but Holden only decides to talk to her. So this shows Holden is still a teenager and not quite an adult yet. Throughout the rest of the novel Holden carries on trying to act mature like an adult, but is unsuccessful every time. Because people see straight away the Holden is very immature. ...read more.


I pointed out earlier in the novel that Holden feels as if he has let her down and he feels he is not protecting her very well. Also Holden blames himself for his brother's death so this definitely contributes to Holden's depression and breakdown. I think Salinger has presented Holden as a teenager and presented his breakdown very well because of the way he has used Holden's language to describe how he is as a person. Also the way Salinger has presented the way Holden acts. Holden always tries to act mature like an adult and thinks everyone his age is so immature, but all the adults Holden encounters all think that Holden is immature. I think Holden is going through a bad and hard stage in his life, so that's why he tries to run away from his troubles but it doesn't work out for him. So that's why Holden is in such a hurry to grow up and become an adult, so because Holden cant grow up any quicker than he is it frustrates and depresses him which is why I think he has a breakdown. Joseph Marlow 1 ...read more.

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